13 September 2019

Learning C++

A significant portion of the course involves programming in C++. However, our emphasis is on systems programming and not on C++. Students that feel comfortable using advanced C++ future should do so. However, if you feel overwhelmed with the many ways to program in C++, the complexity of the standard library, and many potential designs, use the bare minimum. All of the assignments can be done in C and do not rely on advanced knowledge of any programming language.

Suggested C++ References and Tutorials

  • C++ Tutorial from Douglas Harder. Everything you need to know about C and C++ to get started.

  • cplusplus.com. A large collection of tutorials and references covering many aspects of C++.

  • C++ Reference. A reference for language specification and standard library. A subset of cplusplus.com, but sometimes better formatted

  • C++ Primer. One of the many excellent C++ books. Note that you do not need a C++ book for the course.

  • C for Python Programmers. Many of the differences between Python and C are also applicable to C++.

  • Stackoverflow. Answers to all programming questions in all languages.