Andrei Sazonov

Associate Professor

Electrical and Computer Engineering Department


ECE 209
ECE 231
ECE 434
ECE 493_1
ECE 639

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Book Chapters:
  • A.Nathan, P.Servati, K.S.Karim, D.Stryahilev, A.Sazonov, “Device Physics, Compact Modeling, and Circuit Applications of a-Si:H TFTs,” in a-Si:H Thin Film Transistors vol.1, Y.Kuo, ed., Kluwer Academis Publishers, 2004, pp.79-182.

  • A.A. Aivazov, B.G. Budaguan, A.Yu. Sazonov, and I.V. Filatova, “Growth mechanisms and thermal stability of a-Si1-xNx:H films,” in Physico-chemical processes of microelectronics technology, I.N. Sorokin, ed., MIET edition, Moscow, 1993, p.117-128 (in Russian).

  • B.G. Budagyan, M.N. Meytin, A.Yu. Sazonov, O.N. Stanovov, and D.A. Stryahilev, “The development of the technology of high-stable sensors on the basis of a-Si1-xNx:H for solid-state electronics,” in Element base of micro- and nanoelectronics: the physics and technology“, Yu.A. Chaplygin, ed., MIET edition, Moscow, 1994, p.142-167 (in Russian).