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Bo CuiDr. Bo Cui, Professor

Director, Waterloo Nanofabrication Group

Professor Cui received his BS in Physics from Peking University, China, in 1994. After two years of graduate study in the same department, he moved to the University of Minnesota, then to Princeton University in 1998, where he earned his master’s degree in 2000 and PhD in 2003 from the Nanostructure Laboratory (led by Prof. Stephen Y Chou), Department of Electrical Engineering. After completing his PhD, Professor Cui joined the National Research Council of Canada, Industrial Materials Institute in Boucherville in 2003. Professor Cui joined the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (Nanotechnology Engineering program) in 2008 as an Assistant Professor.

Professor Cui leads the Waterloo Nanofabrication Group whose research is focused on nano- and microstructure fabrication using Nano-Imprint Lithography (NIL) and electron beam lithography, thin film deposition and etching, with applications in biomedical, nanoelectric and other areas.


  • PhD, Electrical Engineering, Princeton University, 2003
  • MA, Electrical Engineering, Princeton University, 2000
  • BS, Physics, Peking (Beijing) University, 1994


Curriculum Vitae

Area of research

Additional Research

Additional research thrusts include electrochemical biosensors consisting of nano-electrode arrays for improved…

Recent News

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Dobbin Scholarship 2012

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