AVRIL is a library of C routines for creating Virtual Worlds. The name AVRIL stands for "A Virtual Reality Interface Library".

AVRIL was written by Bernie Roehl, and is designed to be very programmer-friendly.

AVRIL provides a simple and straightforward API. In addition to supporting 3D rendering, it provides drivers for a number of popular VR input devices as well as full documentation on writing additional device drivers.

The main advantages of AVRIL are that it's:

AVRIL currently has support for the following products:
  • CyberMaxx HMD
  • Virtual i/o HMD
  • 7th Sense HMD
  • CyberWand
  • FifthGlove
  • Logitech Cyberman
  • Logitech Ultrasonic Tracker
  • Global Devices Controller
  • Spaceball
  • Polhemus Isotrak
  • Mouse
  • Keypad (PC only)
  • Joystick (PC only)
  • AVRIL is available on the Internet. The current version, 2.0, is the final one. I've shifted all my efforts to working with VRML (and more recently, Java3D), which have all the advantages listed above for AVRIL and lots more besides. There are lots of good authoring tools for VRML, and it's the ideal choice for people with no money to spend.

    Effective March 1, 1999 I've made the source code for AVRIL available under the GPL (Gnu Public License).

    Last updated March 3, 1999