The course focuses on two main areas: (1) techniques/strategies to efficiently store data — “efficiently” refers to both memory usage, and efficiency in the access of that data; and (2) techniques to efficiently process the data.

General areas include:


Unofficial Grades Available:

Here are the final grades and details.  The formula for the scrambled (hashed) ID is a little bit different: This time you take the last six digits, SQUARE THEM (as in, multiply that value times itself), then multiply the result times 3571 (that's the 500th prime number, in case you've been wondering what am I on when coming up with those numbers :-)), and take the last seven digits of the result.

2012-01-04 – Office Hours for this week

In addition to working by appointment (you can e-mail me and suggest a time to meet with me, and I should be able to be in my office at whatever time would work for you), I thought I'd add the three hours from 12:30 to 1:30 on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week, for any assignment-related questions (actually, for any questions that you may have, of course!). They seem to be the only available hours that you have — if you guys have any other suggestions, by all means drop me an e-mail!


Mahsa (one of your TAs) will also be available for any questions on the assignment (in her case, it is of course restricted to questions and guidance on the assignment — any questions on the course or course material come see me), on Tuesday and Wednesday 12:30 to 1:30, at EIT-3027 (the Balcony room on the third floor).


For tomorrow's tutorial, I will cover it, and we'll go over C++ topics, and possibly Unix/Linux topics. You may want to install Ubuntu or some other Linux on your laptops (you can also set it up on a USB drive such that you boot off that one, and that way you won't need to make any change on your machine).

For C++, you may want to check my introductory tutorials, and if you're feeling very energetic, there is also one on the Standard Template Library (this one is more advanced than we need right now; but again, if you feel like giving it a try, it can't hurt).