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Location and schedule

Talks held in William G. Davis Computer Research Centre (DC) 1302
Lunch and coffee breaks in DC 1301
Talks run from 8:30am to 5:20pm
Talk schedule
Campus map


We have a block reservation for a limited number of rooms at St. Paul’s University College. You should write “Meeting on System and Control Theory” in the “Why are you visiting campus?” box -- that will ensure that you have access to our block of rooms. We have reserved

Alternatively, there are various other options for short term accommodation.


The meeting is supported by the Faculties of Engineering and Mathematics so there is no registration fee.

However it is necessary to register so that we can accurately submit food orders. Please check the preliminary list of registrants. Email me (cnielsen _at_ uwaterloo _dot_ ca) if (i) you are on that list and cannot attend or (ii) aren't on the list but plan to attend.


If you are coming by car, the visitor parking lots can be found on the campus map. Information about the parking lots including price can be found here. Visitor parking lot N ($5) is close to the Davis Centre. Visitor parking lot X is further but is less likely to be full. If you are coming by train you can take a taxi to the campus or a bus.

Student and post-doc dinner

Where: East Side Mario's, University Plaza, 170 University Avenue West
When: Monday May 5, 6:00 PM

Meet up:
Where: In front of the DC library (just outside the seminar/lunch rooms, same building)
When: 5:45 PM

This meeting is supported by the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Mathematics at the University of Waterloo
FoE, FoM