Hello Students!

I'm looking forward to meeting with you! Scheduling can be challenging. Here are some tips.

How to Meet with Derek

Best Strategy

Most student concerns can be resolved in five minutes. In other words, it takes more work to schedule the interaction than to actually answer the question. Just drop by the office and chat.

  1. Go to a place where Derek is likely to be.
  2. Start talking to him.

Alternative Strategy

Take a look at the calendar below. Find a time not labelled "busy" that works for you. Email a calendar invitation.

Some meetings actually require half an hour or more. For example, your final capstone project demo (SE390, SE490, SE491). These probably need to be scheduled in advance. This alternate strategy is the way to go.

Unsuccessful Strategies


Derek is likely in the SE Office DC2597 during regular business hours that are not marked "busy" below.