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Thanks to the following for pointing out mistakes, providing suggestions, or helping to improve the quality of this online text:

  • Khadijeh Bayat
  • Dan Busuioc
  • Tim Kuo
  • Abbas Attarwala
  • Prashant Khanduri
  • Matthew Chan
  • Christopher Olekas
  • Jaroslaw Kuszczak
  • Chen He
  • Hans Johannes Petrus Vanleeuwen
  • David Smith
  • Jeff Teng
  • Roman Kogan
  • Mohamed Oussama Damen
  • Rudko Volodymyr
  • Vladimir Rutko
  • George Rizkalla
  • Alexandre James
  • Scott Klassen
  • Brad Murray

I also very much appreciate the input of Dr. Richard Khoury for his many suggestions and corrections.