Downloading, Installing, and Using Dev C++

Download and install Dev C++.

Now that you have Dev C++ installed, run Dev C++ and select File → New → Source File. (We don't need to create an entire project at this point.)

Cut and paste the example code into the window and the select File → Save As. Save this to a convenient location, such as your desktop or into some subdirectory of My Documents (assuming you are on Windows). Call it intro.cpp. Open up a Command Prompt window and change into the directory into which you saved the file.

If you have never done this in Windows, select Start → Run, enter cmd and press Enter. To view all the files, enter dir. You will note that two of the directories you will see are Desktop and My Documents. To go to the directory where you saved intro.cpp, enter

> cd Desktop


> cd "My Documents"

whichever is appropriate.

Next, we must turn the source file into an executable program: select Execute → Compile.

In the Command Prompt window, if you enter dir, you should see to files:

At the prompt, enter intro.exe and this should execute your program.

If you are having problems, please contact Douglas Harder at dwahrder@uwater.... Please put ECE 250 (FALL) in the subject line. If you're willing to do this before the semester starts, I'm willing to help.

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