"CN" denotes sections of course notes that are relevant to the lecture. Sections not covered in lecture should be read, are useful for the labs and project, and may appear on exams.

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Lecture Lecture Lecture Tutorial Lab Activity Deadlines Reading
wk-01 Dec 31-Jan 6 Intro; VHDL Lec-01: Intro; VHDL syntax and synthesis (CN:1.1--1.5) Lec-02: VHDL delta cycles (CN:1.6) No
Skip CN1.8--1.10
wk-02 Jan 7-13 VHDL Lec-03: Hardware; Synthesis; Coding guidelines (CN:1.11--1.13) Lec-04: Arrays and arithmetic; FPGAs (CN:Ch2; Ch3)
Asn-01: VHDL syntax and semantics (P1.8) Do on your own P1.5, P1.7
Lab-1: Adders and flip-flops
Lab-1 due Sun Jan 21 10:00pm
wk-03 Jan 14-20 VHDL; Design Lec-05: State machines (CN:4.1--4.2) Lec-06: LeBlanc; Parcels; Bubbles (CN:4.3--4.6) Lec-07: RTL Simulation (CN:1.7)
Asn-02: Simulation; Synthesis; FPGA cells (P1.6, P1.9, P3.2, P3.3)
Lab-2: State machines
wk-04 Jan 21-27 Design Lec-08: Interparcel variables (CN4.7) Lec-09: Memory (CN:4.8)
Asn-03: State machines (P4.2, P4.1)
Lab-2: State machines
Lab-2 due Sun Jan 28 10:00pm
Skip P4.2
wk-05 Jan 28-Feb 3 Design Lec-10: DFDs (CN5.1) Lec-11: Hnatyshyn (CN5.2) Lec-12: Bubbles; Interpcl Vars (CN5.3--5.4)
Asn-04: Datapath and control design (P5.3, P5.4)
Lab-3: Project preview
Lab-3 FSM due Sun Feb 04 10:00pm
wk-06 Feb 4-10 Design Lec-13: Vanier (CN5.5) Lec-14: DFD and memory (CN5.6--5.8)
Asn-05: Memory (P5.5, P5.8)
Lab-3: Project preview
wk-07 Feb 11-17 Midterm week
wk-08 Feb 18-24 Reading week
wk-09 Feb 25-Mar 3 Adv Design Lec-15: Pipelining (CN6.1) Lec-16: Retiming (CN6.3)
Asn-06: Midterm solution
Proj dataflow diagrams
Lab-3 due Mon Feb 26 10:00pm
Skip CN6.2, 6.5
wk-10 Mar 4-10 Advanced design Lec-17: Gen'l optimizations (CN6.4) Lec-18: Performance 1 (CN:7.1--7.4) Lec-19: Performance 2 (CN:7.5--7.6)
Asn-07: Pipelining (P6.1, P6.2)
Proj dataflow diagram
Proj group and dataflow due Sun Mar 11 10:00pm
wk-11 Mar 11-17 Timing analysis Lec-20: Timing intro (CN:8.1) Lec-21: Timing for latches (CN:8.2)
Asn-08: Performance (P7.5, P7.7)
Skip CN8.3
wk-12 Mar 18-24 Timing analysis Lec-22: Critical paths (CN:8.4) Lec-23: Elmore (CN:8.6--8.7) Lec-24: Power intro (CN:9.1--9.4) No
Project due Sun Mar 25 10:00pm
Skip CN8.5; 8.8
wk-13 Mar 25-31 Power Lec-25: Data encoding (CN:9.5) Lec-26: Clock gating (CN:9.6)
Asn-09: Timing; Power (P8.1, P8.2; P9.5, P9.9)
Project (extended with late penalty)
Proj extended deadline Fri Mar 30 10:00pm
wk-14 Apr 1-7 Power Lec-27: Power tutorial; Review

Proj demos Mon Apr 02