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An invited Guest Speaker for IEEE.....

Dr. Jafar Shake
Communications Research Centre Canada (CRC)
Antenna research in Communications Research Centre Canada
Date: Friday July 11 at 11:00am

 Place: DC1331



The structure of RAATLab (Research Advanced Antenna Technology)

will be presented. The group has been active in the research and

development of the state of the art antenna technologies for various

applications. Our research activities encompass areas such as:

- Antenna software development

- Microstrip technology

- Dielectric resonator technology

- Reflectarray technology

- Fresnel lens and zone plate antennas

- Power combining

- Artificial dielectrics

- Holography in microwave band

- Material characterization

Invited by: Prof. R. Mansour,  Electrical & Computer Engineering University of Waterloo     Please Plan to attend!

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