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IEEE Kitchener-Waterloo Section Activities
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IEEE Sponsored

Date Title Notes
December 14, 2009 Sensing, Scheduling, and Performance Optimization in Cognitive Wireless Personal Area Networks VT Lecture
December 1, 2009 Canadian Space Technology for the 21st Century AESS Lecture
November 23, 2009 Silicon-Nanophotonic-Based Terahertz Generation  
November 6, 2009
IEEE Mini-Colloquium
EDS Event
November 5, 2009 Advances in: Maritme Domain Awareness and Air Traffic Control Technologies at Raytheon AESS Lecture
Novemebr 4, 2009
Risk-Based Multiobjective Optimization for a Vehicle Fleet Mix Problem
CS Lecture

October 26, 2009 Cognitive Radio Development at the CRC DSS Lecture
October 23, 24, 2009
IEEExtreme 24hr Programming Challenge
UW Student Branch
October 22, 2009
Object Discovery and Localization in Active Sensing Networks: Theory and Algorithms
VT Lecture
October 17, 2009
FROSCH Competition
UW Student Branch
October 17, 2009
Go ENG. Girl

October 2, 2009
What is Wireless Resources?
DSS Lecture

September 21, 2009

New Frontier of Material Research: From Functional Transparent Oxides to High Temperature Superconductors

September 3, 2009
Distributing Content Updates over a Mobile Social Network DSS Lecture

August 20, 2009
Inteactive Semantics
SMC Lecture

July 22, 2009
Beyond the Ring
GOLD Event

June 11, 2009 40 Gb/s, 100 Gb/s and Beyond DSS Lecture
June 2, 2009 Highly Flexible Digital Front-End Enhanced CMOS-Based RT Transceivers MTT Chapter

May 28, 2009 Resolution and Noise in Imaging MTT Chapter
May 8, 2009 Light-matter Interaction in Nanophotonic Devices MTT Chapter

April 25, 2009
Radio Systems One Day Course

April 23, 2009 Managing Localization Uncertainties for Intelligent Vehicles SMC Chapter
April 8, 2009
Coordination Schemes in Interference - Limited MIMO Cellular Networks
DSS Lecture

March 26, 2009
Student Paper Night
Student Branch
March 13, 2009
Future Wireless Topics: 'Whitespace, Cognitive Radio & Green Radio DSS Lecture
March 12, 2009
Wind Turbin Competition
Student Branch

Feb 20, 2009
Monitoring-based Key  Revocation Schemes for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
IT Lecture
Feb 13, 2009
A Framework of Coded Video Multicast over WiMAX networks -Architecture, Implementation & Performance Optimization
DSS Lecture
Feb 2, 2009
Nice Threads!, When did you Get Them?, On Optimistic Parallelism
CAS Lecture

Dec 5, 2008 Low-Voltage, Low-Power Integrated RF Transceiver Circuits
DSS LEcture
Dec 5, 2008
Behavior Modeling & Linearization of Wideband & Multi-Carrier RF Power Amplifiers
DSS LEcture
Dec 4, 2008
Becoming a Real Systems Engineer
AESS Lecture
Dec 2, 2008
On Flexible Scanners & Aligning Many Images
CAS Lecture

Nov  25, 2008
Square Kilometer Array (SKA)
IT Lecture
Nov 21, 2008
Recent Developments in 3D Vision & Probabilistic Visual Tracking
EMBS Lecture

Oct 18, 2008
Engineering: Endless Oppotunities
C Lecture

Sept 19, 2008
Communicating Delay-Sensitive & Bursty Information over an Outage Channel
IT Lecture

May 15, 2007
Navigation Systems
AESS Lecture

April 24, 2007
An Introduction to Chaotic Pattern Recognition and Blurring
SP/SMC  Lecture

March 6, 2007
An Overview of Imaging Sensors, Visual Surveillance Algorithms and a Superresolution Algorithm
AESS Lecture

Feb  19, 2007
The Use of Feedback in Common Gate LNAs for Multi-standard Terminal
Single-stage Low  Power Quadrature RF Reciever Front-end: The LMW Cell

SSC Lecture

Jan 22, 2007
3D Human Ear Recognition SP Lecture

Dec 5, 2006
What is the Pixel? SP/CIS Lecture

Dec 1, 2006
Medical Imaging and Computing in The 21st Century EMB Lecture

Nov 20, 2006
Intelligent Pixel Architectures for Digital Imaging Applications
EDS Lecture
Nov 17, 2006
Micro and Nanosensors for Gas Detection
EDS Lecture
Nov 16, 2006
Patent process and protecting Intellectual Property GOLD Activity
Nov 9-10, 2006
Electrical Poser Symposium 2006 EPS Conference

Oct 30, 2006
Toyota Plant Tour in Cambridge VT Tour

Jun 28, 2006
Computational Intelligence for Green Production Systems SMC Lecture
Jun 2, 2006
Tribute to Reginal Fessenden - broadcast of sound in 1906 GOLD Activity
Jun 2, 2006
Visiting Tour of Robarts Imaging Lab at University of Western Ontario EMB Tour

May 13-14, 2006
5th International Conference of Upcoming Engineers ICUE Conference
May 7-10, 2006
19th Annual IEEE Canadian Conference of Electrical & Computer Engineering CCECE06 Conference

Apr 20, 2006
Similarity Matching and Semantic Based Image Retrieval SMC Lecture
Apr 18, 2006
Myoelectric Control of Prosthetics EMB Lecture

Mar 30, 2006
A Road-Map to Clock and Data Recovery Circuit Design for SERDES Applications
SSC Lecture
Mar 17, 2006
Testing Event-driven Software Applications: Issues, Challenges, and Solutions
Computer Lecture

Feb 20, 2006 Multi-Sensor Data Fusion
AES Lecture
Feb 2, 2006
UWB for sensor networks: the 15.4a standard and beyond
VT Lecture

Jan 20, 2006
Ionospheric Effects on High Frequency Surface Wave Radar Performance
AES Lecture
Jan 9, 2006
Neural Networks for RF and Microwave Design
MTT Lecture
Jan 4, 2006
RF MEMS for Commercial and Defense Applications
MTT Lecture

Dec 16, 2005
Networking: How young engineers can open the door to more opportunities!
GOLD Activity
Dec 9, 2005
Wireless R&D at Communications Research Centre (CRC) Canada
Dec 9, 2005
Issues of Network Control Plane for the Grid Community - What Has Changed?
COM Lecture
Dec 1,2005
BioMedical Image Analysis: From microscopical to human scales
SP/CIS Lecture

Nov 29,2005
MIMO communications in the real world
DSS Lecture
Nov 25,2005
Quantitative QoS and Efficient Resource Allocation in Differentiated Services Networks
VT Lecture
Nov 18, 2005
High-Frequency Power Management

Oct 24, 2005 TARGET TRACKING AND DATA FUSION: How to Get the Most Out of Your Sensors AES Lecture
Oct 21, 2005 Manipulation of Single Atoms and Molecules and its Application to Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Seminar

Sep 23, 2005 Some Perspectives on Future of Wireless Networks DSS Lecture
Sep 15, 2005 Raytheon's RADAR: Looking to the Future GOLD Activity

Jul 29, 2005 Array Synthesis Using Reflectors and Lenses Seminar
Jul 27, 2005 Double Sense Multiple Access for Wireless Ad Hoc Networks Seminar
Jul 22, 2005 Low-Power Circuit Techniques for Wireless Communications Seminar

Jun 21, 2005 Passive High Frequency Devices for Space Applications Seminar
Jun 20, 2005 Current Status of Millimeter-Wave Transistor Technology Seminar

Feb 22, 2005 Metallic MEMS for RF, Bio, and Photonics Applications Seminar

Jan 21, 2005 Linear Precoding in MIMO Systems DSS Seminar
Jan 7, 2005 Nanoscale Designed Materials Solving Macroscale Problem Seminar

Dec 10, 2004 Connecting Engineers to the Pre-University Community Seminar
Dec 8, 2004 How Money Works GOLD Activity
Dec 2, 2004 Legacy Product Strategy: Software Product Maintenance Seminar

Nov 22, 2004 Integration Techniques of Planar and Non-planar Structures for RF and Millimeter-Wave Circuits and Systems Seminar
Nov 17, 2004 Horizons of Embedded Graphics - Current and future trends from both a hardware and a software perspective GOLD Activity
Nov 5, 2004 MIMO-OFDM From Theory to Practice - A New Landscape for Very Broadband Wireless Networks DSS Seminar
Nov 2, 2004 Broadband Wireless Access at Frequencies below 11 GHz DSS Seminar
Nov 1, 2004 A Computer Vision System for Aerosol Can Recognition in X-ray Imagery of Passenger Carry-on Baggage Seminar
Nov 1, 2004 Receiver Design for Bluetooth Systems - Detection and Decoding DSS Seminar

Oct 26, 2004 Protection of Canadas Maritime Regions based on Surveillance and Reconnaissance using HF Surface Wave Radar, AIS reports and Ancillary Assets Seminar
Oct 1, 2004 NanoImprint Lithography (NIL) Enabling Nano-Technology Seminar

Sep 23, 2004 The Internet: Problems and Future Directions Seminar
Sep 9, 2004 Cooperative Communication: Fundamental Limits and Enabling Technologies DSS Seminar
Sep 7, 2004 Message Traffic and Congestion Control Capabilities in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Seminar

Aug 4, 2004 Neuroprocessing: Applications in Image Compression and Audio Processing (Slides) Seminar

Jul 30, 2004 From Microsystems to Biosystems Seminar
Jul 26, 2004 Multi-Microphone Speech Processing, or, Why Two Ears Are Better Than One DSS Seminar
Jul 19, 2004 Electrochemical Characteristics Of Carbon-Silicon Composite Electrodes For The Anode Of Lithium Secondary Battery Seminar

Jun 22, 2004 Palmprint Authentication Seminar
Jun 21, 2004 PLUTO B An Optimum Linear Space-Time Code for MIMO Communications DSS Seminar
Jun 18, 2004 Persian Science, Persian Scientists and the Impact of their Discoveries on Western Civilization (A Testimony to Science History of Iranians) DSS Seminar
Jun 18, 2004 Sensors - From Automation On Earth To Exploration On MARS DSS Seminar
Jun 14, 2004 Approaching the dirty paper limit for canceling known interference DSS Seminar

May 18, 2004 Low Power RFICs for Transceiver Applications ( Slides ) Seminar
May 14, 2004 Minimum Transmit Redundancy FIR Precoder-Equalizer System Design DSS Seminar
May 13, 2004 Decentralized Estimation With a Bandwidth-Constrained Sensor Network DSS Seminar
May 10, 2004 Evolutionary Computational Techniques in Novel Design of Antenna and Microwave Structures Seminar
May 10, 2004 Multiple Antennas Have a Big Multi-User Advantage in Wireless Communications DSS Seminar
May 7, 2004 Prognostics of Hardware Systems Seminar
May 6, 2004 Application of Reconfigurable Ground Planes to RF Phase Shifters and Frequency Agile Antenna Seminar
May 6, 2004 Technologies and Applications of Distributed Intelligent Systems Seminar
May 3, 2004 Power-Aware Branch Prediction Seminar
May 3, 2004 Materials Design and Integration Seminar

Apr 26, 2004 Reliability-Based List Decoding of Linear Block Codes DSS Seminar
Apr 20, 2004 Microcrystalline silicon: From Material to Solar Cells Seminar
Apr 1, 2004 Characteristic Basis Function Method A General-Purpose Technique For Fast Simulation Of RF/Microwave Circuits And Antennas Seminar

Mar 12, 2004 Trends in Power Electronics in Japan Seminar
Mar 9, 2004 Entrepreneurship and the Engineer Seminar
Mar 9, 2004 Source-Channel Diversity Approaches for Multimedia Communication DSS Seminar

Feb 13, 2004 Duality in Multi-user Uplink and Downlink Channels DSS Seminar

Jan 14, 2004 Life in a Communist System Seminar
Jan 14, 2004 Quantum Computing Seminar
Jan 14, 2004 AGM

Dec 8, 2003 Nanotechnology: Quantum Engineering for the Optical Internet DSS Seminar

Nov 6-7, 2003 Image Processing: Methodologies and Applications Workshop
Nov 6, 2003 System Support for Application Adaptation Seminar
Nov 5, 2003 An Overview of Agilent Technologies and Agilent Laboratories AND Applications of Photonics to Communications, Interconnects & Sensors Seminar

Oct 31, 2003 Cooperative Communication In Wireless Networks DSS Seminar
Oct 30, 2003 Dynamic model-based filtering for mobile terminal location estimation Seminar at University of Guelph
Oct 28, 2003 Next Generation Broadband Wireless Access DSS Seminar
Oct 24, 2003 Growth and Applications of Carbon Nanotubes Seminar
Oct 17, 2003 Micro and Nano Sensors Snoop Around Seminar
Oct 16, 2003 Infrastructure for Tetherless Computing DSS Seminar
Oct 8, 2003 The Lifetime in Electrical Engineering Seminar
Oct 6, 2003 Fountain Codes DSS Seminar
Oct 6, 2003 Space Mapping: Engineering Modeling and Optimization Exploiting Surrogates Seminar
Oct 3, 2003 IEEE Toronto Centennial Forum on Reliable Power Grids in Canada: THE AUGUST 2003 BLACKOUT - How secure is our electrical grid? Forum

Sep 29, 2003 Biomedical Circuits and Systems to Recuperate Neuromuscular Functions Seminar
Sep 24, 2003 Diversity and Freedom: A Fundamental Tradeoff in Wireless Systems Seminar
Sep 17, 2003 The "Other" Nine Reasons for Obtaining US Patents on Your High-Tech Innovations Seminar

Aug 14, 2003 An Introduction to Model Checking of Software Short Course

Jul 23, 2003 Space Time Codes: Theory and Heuristics Seminar
Jul 21, 2003 Automatic Registration of Spatial Datasets Seminar
Jul 21, 2003 Automatic Registration of Spatial Datasets Seminar
Jul 15, 2003 Applications of Mechatronics in today's Automotive Industry Seminar
Jul 11, 2003 Antenna research in Communications Research Centre Canada Seminar

Jun 13, 2003 Prof. Zadeh, The Father of Fuzzy Logic DSS Seminar
Jun 11, 2003 Fuzzy Logic System Seminar

Apr 16, 2003 Business Continuity Planning for Information Technology Seminar
Apr 09, 2003 Soft Computing Seminar
Apr 09, 2003 Control of Large-Scale Complex Systems Seminar

Jan 16, 2003 AGM Jan 2003 AGM

Non-IEEE Sponsored

Date Title Notes
May 11, 2006 Communitech's Tech Leadership Conference Communitech Conference
Apr 4, 2006 Waterloo-Wellington Science & Engineering Fair WWSEF Event

Jan 25, 2006 Drowning in Data: What's a Healthcare Provider to Do? WIHIR Seminars
Jan 18, 2006 ECE Design Project Symposium UW E&CE
Jan 11, 2006 The Quality of Data
WIHIR Seminars

Dec 8, 2005 Visions of Future Energy Networks UW E&CE
Dec 1, 2005 Securing mobile ad hoc networks using identity-based schemes UW E&CE

Sep 29, 2005 Fair Division: Algorithms and Applications Laurier Seminar Series in CSASM

Jun 22, 2005 eHealth is Changing Health Care Culture WIHIR Seminars
Jun 9, 2005 Expression and Regulation of Protein Complexes in Yeast: Towards a Dynamic View Laurier Seminar Series in CSASM
Jun 2, 2005 Complex Systems: Rational Modelling Ensures Fidelity Laurier Seminar Series in CSASM
Jun 1, 2005 Audience Night with Perimeter Institute Perimeter Institute

May 31, 2005 A near-quantum-limited radio frequency amplifier based on a superconducting quantum interference device UW E&CE

Jan 19, 2005 UW Design Projects Symposium UW E&CE

Dec 8, 2004 Bioinformatics in the Health Sciences: Towards Tailored Medicine? WIHIR Seminars
Dec 2, 2004 Harnessing the Quantum World Perimeter Institute

Nov 3, 2004 Proofs and Pictures: The Role of Visualization in Mathematical and Scientific Reasoning Perimeter Institute

Oct 20, 2004 Semiconductor Fast Track to Market Seminar Technical Seminar
Oct 8, 2004 How Entrepreneurs Succeed: Harnessing the Power of Mathematics Communitech Entrepreneur Week

Jul 8, 2004 The August 2003 North-east Blackout BRown bAG (BRAG) Seminar Series

Jun 24, 2004 Megavoltage Images in Radiation Therapy WIHIR Seminars
Jun 23, 2004 Human Computer Interaction in Health Informatics: From Laboratory Usability Testing to Televaluation of Web-based Information Systems - (Free registration required) Smarter Health Seminar
Jun 18, 2004 The Evolution Of Software Efficiency: From Saving Bytes To Saving You An Hour A Day 2004 J.W. Graham Medal Seminar
Jun 15, 2004 Understanding Media and Packet Processing in VoIP Networks - (Free email registration required) Educational Web Seminar
Jun 10, 2004 Hot Chips, Cool Research BRown bAG (BRAG) Seminar Series
Jun 2, 2004 The Stability of the Solar System (Free email registration required) Perimeter Institute

May 14, 2004 Space-Time Coding/Modulation for Multiple Antenna Systems (Free email registration required) CASPAL, Ryerson University
May 13, 2004 Mechanically Flexible Electronics - Welcome to The Future! BRown bAG (BRAG) Seminar Series
May 5, 2004 A Debate on the meaning of Quantum Theory (Free email registration required) Perimeter Institute

Apr 8, 2004 Challenges and Enabling Techniques for Future Generations of Wireless Systems BRown bAG (BRAG) Seminar Series
Apr 7, 2004 RF MEMS BRown bAG (BRAG) Seminar Series

Feb - Jun, 2004 Telecommunications Management Certification Program (Registration fee required, discount available for IEEE Members if IEEE KW Section referral is indicated) Course program at U of T

Jan 21, 2004 E&CE Design Projects Symposium 2004 UW E&CE

Oct 17, 2003 What are superconductors? WLU Special Lecture

Jan 25, 2003 WARG (Waterloo Aerial Robotics Group Event) Seminar

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