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IEEE KW Section Officers

Executive Officers:
___________Chair: ..................... Amir Khatibzadeh

___________ViceChair: ..................... Shahab Ardalan

___________Secretary: ..................... Amin Mobasher

___________Treasurer: ..................... Shahab Ardalan

Committee Chairs:
Membership Development: Tony Kormos
Professional & Publicity Activities: Sonia Waharte

Student Activities (Conestoga College): Jane Carr

Student Activities (University of Guelph): Stefano Gregori
Student Activities (University of Waterloo): Siva Sivoththaman
Educational Activities: Magdy Salama
Newsletter Editor: Mike Hulls
Nominations: Mauro Rossi

Awards: Alaa Khamis

Society Chapter & Affinity Group Chairs:
Aerospace and Electronic Systems (AES):
Jack Ding
Antennas and Propagation (AP) /
Microwave Theory (MTT):
Raafat Mansour
Circuits and Systems (CAS): Catherine Gebotys

Communications (COM): Raouf Boutaba
Computer (C): Ladan Tahvildari
Computational Intelligency Society (CIS): Fakari Karray
Control Systems (CS): Fakari Karray
Electron Devices (ED) /
Solid State Circuits (SSC):
Siva Sivoththaman
Engineering in Medicine & Biology (EMB): Nezam Kachouie
Information Theory (IT): Amir Khandani
Signal Processing (SP) Mohamed Kamel
Systems, Man, & Cybernetics (SMC): Mohamed Kamel
Vehicular Technology (VT): Weihua Zhuang
Consulting Network Affinity: Shahab Ardalan
GOLD (Young Professionals Network) Affinity: Scott Hafeman
WIE (Women In Engineering) Affinity: Ladan Tahvildari
LM (Life Members) Affinity: Open

Student Branches
Conestoga College: Jane Carr (Branch Counselor)
Student Branch: ->email Arthur Layman

Sept.2009 -

Conestoga College - IEEE KW Student Branch
299 Doon Valley Drive
Kitchener, Ont., N2G 4M4
Tel: (519) 748-5220

University of Guelph: Stefano Gregori (Branch Counselor)
Student Branch: ->email Jarett Korten
Sept.2009 -

University of Guelph - IEEE KW Student Branch
School of Engineering
50 Stone Road East
Guelph, Ont., N1G 2W1
Tel: (519) 824-4120
University of Waterloo: Siva Sivoththaman (Branch Counselor)
Student Branch A: ->email Wayne Lam
Sept.2005 -
EMB Group: ->email Vincent Ling
Sept.2005 -
Student Branch B: ->email Joanna Ma
May 2005 -

University of Waterloo - IEEE KW Student Branch
E2 Room 3359
200 University Avenue West
Waterloo, Ont., N2L 3G1
Tel: (519) 888-4567 x36955

Student Programs:
Computer Society Tutorial Program (CTP): Mazeiar Salehie STAR
Information Technology Amin Mobasher Site

SECTION ACTIVITY REPORTS Now use IEEE Site at link and cc: Section Chair and Secretary.

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