ECE484 – Digital Control Applications (Fall 2016)


This course introduces the techniques required to analyze and successfully implement dynamic controllers through digital computers. Topics include: modeling of linear, nonlinear, state-space, and sample data systems; computer simulation and system identification. Discrete system stability and dynamic performance. Nonlinear system analysis, describing functions and limit cycles. Digital control system design: emulation methods, z-domain, frequency domain, pole placement. Implementation of digital controllers. Examples are drawn from various mechatronic systems including robotics, aerospace, Laboratory projects in computer control of mechatronic and other systems.


ECE 380 or MTE 360 or SYDE 352

Antireq: ECE 481

Lecture Time and Place

Monday: 10:30-11:20, RCH 112
Wednesday: 09:30-10:20 MC 2066
Friday: 11:30-12:20 RCH 112


Tuesday: 12:30-01:20 MC 4060
Wednesday: 02:30-03:20 MC 2038


There is no required textbook for this class.


John W. Simpson-Porco
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Email: jwsimpson [at] uwaterloo [dot] ca

Office Hours

Place: TBA
Time: TBA