Essential Reading

Here I maintain an extremely biased, idiosyncratic, and very incomplete list of articles which I think should be broadly read by students and researchers in systems and controls.

Suggestions for additions to this list are much appreciated.

Systems and Control Theory (Introductory and Educational)

  1. D. S. Bernstein. A student's guide to classical control. In IEEE Control Systems Magazine, vol.17, no.4, pp. 96-100, 1997.

  2. D. S. Bernstein. What makes some control problems hard?. In IEEE Control Systems Magazine, vol.22, no.4, pp.8-19, 2002.

  3. Hoagg, J.B.; Bernstein, D.S., Nonminimum-phase zeros – much to do about nothing – classical control revisited Part II. In IEEE Control Systems Magazine, vol.27, no.3, pp.45-57, 2007.

  4. V. Radisavljevic-Gajic. Full and Reduced-Order Linear Observer Implementations in Matlab/Simulink Lecture Notes. In Control Systems, IEEE , vol.35, no.5, pp.91-101, Oct. 2015

  5. S. M. Joshi. A Cartoon Tour of Control Theory.

  6. IEEE Control Systems Society. The Impact of Control Technology. Report, February 2011.

Systems and Control Theory (Surveys and Research Overviews)

  1. B. Wittenmark, K. Arzen, and K. Astrom. Computer Control: An Overview. IFAC Professional Brief, 2002.

  2. P. Kokotovic and M. Arcak. Constructive nonlinear control: a historical perspective. Automatica, vol.37, no.5, pp.637-662, 2001.

  3. R. Ortega, A. J. Van der Schaft, I. Mareels, and B. Maschke. Putting energy back in control, In IEEE Control Systems Magazine, vol.21, no.2, pp.18-33, 2001.

  4. J. C. Doyle and G. Stein. Multivariable feedback design: Concepts for a classical/modern synthesis. IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, vol.26, no.1, pp.4-16, 1981.

  5. D. S. Bernstein. On bridging the theory/practice gap. IEEE Control Systems Magazine, vol.19, no.6, pp.64-70, 1999.

  6. V. L. Syrmos, C. T. Abdallah, P. Dorato, and K. Grigoriadis. Static Output Feedback – A Survey. Automatica, vol.33 no.2 pp. 125-137, 1997.

  7. J. G. VanAntwerp and R. D. Braatz. A tutorial on linear and bilinear matrix inequalities. Journal of Process Control, vol. 10 pp. 363-385, 2000.

Systems and Control Theory (Technical Papers)

  1. G. Zames. On the Input-Output Stability of Time-Varying Nonlinear Feedback Systems. Part I: Conditions Using Concepts of Loop Gain, Conicity, and Positivity. IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, vol. AC-11, no. 2, pp. 228-238, 1966.

  2. C.I. Byrnes, A. Isidori, and J. C. Willems. Passivity, feedback equivalence, and the global stabilization of minimum phase nonlinear systems. IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, vol.36, no.11, pp.1228-1240, 1991.

  3. A. Isidori and C. I. Byrnes. Output regulation of nonlinear systems. IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, vol.35, no.2, pp.131-140, 1990.

Videos, Seminars, Interviews

  1. Interviews with celebrated control theorists, including Brian Anderson, Murray Wonham, Stephen Morse, and Charles Desoer.

Research and You

  1. Richard Hamming. A Stroke of Genius: Striving for Greatness in All You Do

  2. Richard Hamming. You and Your Research

  3. Uri Alon. How To Choose a Good Scientific Problem

  4. Ivan Sutherland Technology and Courage

  5. S. Keshav Blog with a treasure trove of advice

  6. John Baez Advice for the Young Scientist

  7. Warren Weaver Four Pieces of Advice to Young People

Writing Papers

  1. Daniel Lemire Write good papers (with slides)

  2. Joao Hespanha Writing a Control Paper

  3. Andrew D. Lewis LaTeX Do's and Dont's