Lin Tan
Lin Tan @ University of Waterloo
Assistant Professor
Address: Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of Waterloo
200 University Avenue West
Waterloo, Ontario, N2L 3G1
Phone: (519) 888-4567 extension 35222
(519) 746-3077 (Fax)
Email: lintan at

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Research Interests:

Software engineering; Software reliability and security; Comment analysis; Text analytics; Focusing on using interdisciplinary techniques such as natural language processing, machine learning, and program analysis to improve system reliability

Recent Publications: (For a full list, click here)

DASE: Document-Assisted Symbolic Execution for Improving Automated Software Testing. Edmund Wong, Lei Zhang, Song Wang, Taiyue Liu and Lin Tan. Acceptance Rate: 18.5% (84/452)


Online Defect Prediction for Imbalanced Data. Ming Tan, Lin Tan, Sashank Dara and Caleb Mayuex. Acceptance Rate: 22.5% (23/102)


Comparing Software Architecture Recovery Techniques Using Accurate Dependencies. Thibaud Lutellier, Devin Chollack, Joshua Garcia, Lin Tan, Derek Rayside, Nenad Medvidovic and Robert Kroeger. Acceptance Rate: 22.5% (23/102)


CloCom: Mining Existing Source Code for Automatic Comment Generation. Edmund Wong, Taiyue Liu and Lin Tan. Acceptance Rate: 31.9% (46/144)


AsDroid: Detecting Stealthy Behaviors in Android Applications by User Interface and Program Behavior Contradiction. Jianjun Huang, Xiangyu Zhang, Lin Tan, Peng Wang, and Bin Liang. (11 pages) Acceptance Rate: 20% (99/495) [BIBTEX]


Finding Patterns in Static Analysis Alerts. Quinn Hanam, Lin Tan, Reid Holmes, and Patrick Lam. (10 pages) Acceptance Rate: 34% (29/85) [BIBTEX]


em-SPADE: A Compiler Extension for Checking Rules Extracted from Processor Specifications. Sandeep Chaudhary, Sebastian Fischmeister, and Lin Tan. (10 pages)


SWordNet: Inferring Semantically Related Words from Software Context. Jinqiu Yang and Lin Tan. (28 pages) [DOI] [BIBTEX]


Bug Characteristics in Open Source Software. Lin Tan, Chen Liu, Zhenmin Li, Xuanhui Wang, Yuanyuan Zhou, and Chengxiang Zhai. (46 pages) [DOI] [BIBTEX]


Correlations between Bugginess and Time-Based Commit Characteristics. Jon Eyolfson, Lin Tan and Patrick Lam. (33 pages) [DOI] [BIBTEX]

Research Funding:
Google Faculty Research Award 2014
IBM CAS Research Fellowship Project 2014
NSERC Engage Grant 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014
MRI Ontario Research Fund - Research Excellence (ORF-RE) Grant 2012 - 2015 (Co-PI)
OCE Technical Problem Solving (TPS) [now renamed to Voucher for Innovation and Productivity (VIP)] Grant 2013
NSERC Collaborative Research and Development (CRD) Grant 2011 - 2014
NSERC Discovery Grant 2010 - 2015
Google Faculty Research Award 2010
University of Waterloo Startup Grant
For supporting undergraduate students: MITACS Gloablink, NSERC USRA, CREUC

Professional Service:
2016: SANER'16 (WCRE&CSMR) PC;
2015: ICSME'15 ERA Track Program Co-Chair, ASE'15 PC, ICSME'15 PC, ICST'15 PC, MSR'15 (Co-located with ICSE'15) PC, SANER'15 (WCRE&CSMR) PC, SoftMine'15 PC;
2014: IEEE TSE Editor-in-Chief search Committee 2014, ICSE'14 PC, ASE'14 PC, ICSME'14 PC, ICST'14 PC, MSR'14 (Co-located with ICSE'14) PC, FSE'14 Doctoral Symposium Panel, FSE'14 SRC Committee; 2014 TSE reviewer, 2014 TOSEM reviewer, 2014 IEEE Software reviewer, 2014 EMSE reviewer, 2014 STVR reviewer, 2014 ToR reviewer;
2013: ASE'13 Expert Review Panel, MSR'13 (Co-located with ICSE'13) PC, ICST'13 PC, ICSE NaturaLiSE'13 PC, SoftMine'13 PC, CoCoS'13 PC; 2013 EMSE reviewer, 2013 STVR reviewer, 2013 INFSOF reviewer;
2012 and earlier: MSR'12 (Co-located with ICSE'12) PC, ICPC'12 PC, MAD'12 (SLAML v2.0) PC, SoftMine'12 PC, APSys'11 PC, SLAML'10 PC; 2012 EMSE reviewer, 2011 EMSE reivewer, 2010 TC reviewer.

Selected Awards and Recognitions:
Press Coverage: The Record's Technology Spotlight (Pages 46 & 47), Marketwired, UWaterloo News, Engineering Annual Report
Google Faculty Research Award 2014 (1 of 7 recipients worldwide in Software Engineering)
Distinguished Paper Award Nominee, IEEE/ACM ASE 2013
Google Faculty Research Award 2010 (1 of 4 recipients worldwide in Software Engineering)
Best Paper Award Nominee, ACM ASPLOS 2010
IBM PhD Fellowship 2008-2009
IEEE Micro Top Picks from Computer Architecture Conferences 2006 (Architectures for Bit-Split String Scanning in Intrusion Detection)