Lin Tan
Recent Projects:
-- /* Leveraging Code Comments to Improve Software Reliability */ (Press Coverage)
-- (Check the publication list for more recent projects.)

Recent Keynotes and Talks:

Document-Assisted Software Testing. Emerging Ideas Workshop (Invited Talk) (Co-located with the ASE 2015 PC meeting). July 2015.

Online Defect Prediction for Imbalanced Data. ICSE'15 SEIP (Conference Talk). May 2015.

Making Mining Results Actionable! MSR-NG: Next Generation of Mining Software Repositories (Invited Talk). November 2014.

Personalized Defect Prediction. Workshop on the State of the Art in Automated Software Engineering Research (Invited Talk) (Co-located with the ASE 2014 PC meeting). June 2014.

Making Knowledge Actionable! Bellairs Workshop on Representing Programming Knowledge (Invited Talk). February 2014.

Predicting and Fixing Software Bugs Through Text Analytics. Cisco Systems, Inc. (Invited Talk). December 2013.

Leveraging Software Text Analytics To Detect, Diagnose, and Fix Bugs. Dagstuhl (Invited Talk). Schloss Dagstuhl, Germany. February 2013.

Mining Software Repositories for Reliable and Secure Software. Lightning Talk at MSR Vision 2020 (Invited Talk) . Queens University, Kingston, ON. August 2012.

Fighting Software Bugs Through Automatic Text Analytics. University of Ontario Institute of Technology (Invited Talk). Oshawa, Ontario. November 2011.

Fighting Software Bugs Through Automatic Text Analytics. Google Tech Talk (Invited Talk). Kitchener, Ontario. November 2011.

Leveraging Software Semantic Information To Improve Software Reliability. Consortium for Software Engineering Research (CSER) 2011 Meeting Keynote. Kingston, Ontario. June 2011.

aComment: Mining Annotations from Comments and Code to Detect Interrupt-Related Concurrency Bugs. ICSE'11 (Conference Talk.) Honolulu, HI. May 2011.

Fighting Software Bugs. (ECE Grad Talk, UWaterloo. Invited Talk.) Waterloo, Ontario. May 2010.

/* Leveraging Code Comments to Improve Software Reliability */ (CS DNS Seminar, UWaterloo. Invited Talk.) Waterloo, Ontario. March 2010.

Listening to Programmers - Taxonomies and Characteristics of Comments in Operating System Code. ICSE'09 (Conference Talk). Vancouver, BC, May 2009. [Slides in PDF]

Making the Best of an Internship in Systems. (Diversity'08 collocated with OSDI'08. Invited Talk.) San Diego, CA. December, 2008.

/* iComment: Bugs or Bad Comments? */ (Cisco Systems, Inc. Invited Talk.) August, 2008.