Lin Tan
Open Positions:

Postdoctoral Position
A postdoctoral position is available starting January 1, 2019 (negotiable). Strong applicants are solicited in the broad areas of software reliability, text analytics, bug prediction/detection/repair, program comprehension, program synthesis, mining software repositories, and empirical studies. The exact scope of the project(s) is flexible and will be determined at by mutual agreement between the postdoc and Dr. Lin Tan. The term of the position is one year with a possible extension.

Applications for this position should:
- have received (or soon expect) their PhD
- have a strong publication record in software engineering and/or related areas
- strong programming skills

If interested, please send a CV and a brief research statement to Lin Tan (lintan [at], and arrange to have 3 letters of recommendation sent to the same email address.

PhD and Master's Positions
We have positions available for highly-motivated PhD and Master's students starting in Fall 2018 and later. Be sure to attach your resume and transcripts in pdf or plain text format with your email.

Undergraduate Student Positions
Open positions are available for students who are interested in conducting research with me through:
Graduate Students:

At the University of Waterloo, thesis-based Master's (referred to as MASc in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department and MMath Thesis in the School of Computer Science) students are fully funded by their supervisors.

I am very lucky to work with outstanding students:

  1. Edmund Wong (PhD in progress, defended November 2018!)
  2. Song Wang (PhD in progress, defended November 2018!)
  3. Thibaud Lutellier (PhD in progress, passed the PhD Comprehensive Proposal Exam (Thesis Proposal) in 2017)
  4. Hung Pham (PhD in progress)
  5. Yuan Xi (MMath Thesis in progress)
  6. Moshi Wei (MASc in progress)
  7. Yitong Li (MMath Thesis in progress)
  8. Tej Toor (MASc in progress), co-supervised by Arie Gurfinkel

Alumni - Postdoctoral Fellow:
  1. Dr. Jaechang Nam (Now Assistant Professor at Handong Global University, South Korea)
  2. Dr. Nasir Ali (Now Research Assistant Professor at the University of Memphis, USA)
Alumni - PhD and Master's Students:
  1. Jinqiu Yang (PhD, April 2018, First Employment: Tenure-track Assistant Professor at Concordia University)
  2. Alexey Zhikhartsev (MMath Thesis@CS, December 2017; First Employment: Huawei)
  3. Yuefei Liu (MASc, December 2017; First Employment: Amazon)
  4. Michael Chong (MASc, August 2016; First Employment: Master of International Public Policy at Wilfrid Laurier University)
  5. Taiyue Liu (MASc, August 2016; First Employment: Amazon)
  6. Thibaud Lutellier (MASc, August 2015; enrolled as a PhD student at the University of Waterloo, under Dr. Tan's supervision)
  7. Ming Tan (MASc, August 2015; First Employment: Laserfiche)
  8. Devin Chollak (MMath Thesis@CS, April 2015; First Employment: Curve Dental)
  9. Sandeep Chaudhary (MMath Thesis@CS, December 2014; co-supervised by Sebastian Fischmeister; First Employment: Amazon)
  10. Quinn Hanam (MASc, August 2014; co-supervised by Reid Holmes; enrolled as a PhD student at the University of British Columbia)
  11. Lei Zhang (MASc, June 2014; First Employment: Google)
  12. Edmund Wong (MASc, April 2014; enrolled as a PhD student at the University of Waterloo, under Dr. Tan's supervision)
  13. Tian Jiang (MASc, August 2013; First Employment: Amazon)
  14. Pei Wang (MASc, August 2013; enrolled as a PhD student at Pennsylvania State University)
  15. Jinqiu Yang (MASc, April 2013; enrolled as a PhD student at the University of Waterloo, under Dr. Tan's supervision)
  16. Chen Liu (MASc, December 2012; First Employment: Microsoft)
  17. Shin Hwei Tan (MS at U. of Illinois, April 2012; co-supervised by Darko Marinov; tenure-track Assistant Professor at Southern University of Science and Technology; Won David J. Kuck Outstanding MS Thesis Award for 2013)