A Mechanized Theory for Microprocessor Correctness Statements

Nancy A. Day, Mark D. Aagaard, and Meng Lou

Technical Report 2002-11, Department of Computer Science, University of Waterloo, March, 2002.

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Microprocessor verification has become increasingly challenging with the use of optimizations such as out-of-order execution. Because of the complexity of the implementations, a wide variety of microprocessor correctness statements have been proposed and used in verification efforts. In this work, we have mechanized a previously proposed framework for classifying these correctness statements. We have verified the relationships between the different points in the framework, and developed a characterization of the commonly used flushing abstraction function. The relationships between points in the framework are general theorems that provide ``verification highways'' to connect different correctness statements and provide reusable verification strategies. We have used these highways to determine the precise relationships between top-level correctness statements used in verification efforts.

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