M. Hadi Zibaeenejad, Post-doctoral Researcher


I received my Diploma from NODET High School and admitted to Electrical Engineering department of Shiraz University in 2002 from which I graduated with BSc in Electrical Engineering-Control in 2006. I continued my studies in Tarbiat Modares University (TMU) as graduate student. I have graduated from TMU with Master's degree in Systems and Control with distinction. Afterwards I moved to Canada to continue my career as PhD student at age of 23. My interdisciplinary research during my PhD studies lies in areas of formal methods, abstraction, control theory, and algorithm design. During my studies I developed a framework for analysis/verification of parameterized systems.

As a post-doc, I am currently designing a framework for default resolution of feature interaction among safety-critical features in autonomous vehicles.

Research interests

  • Development, analysis and verification of active safety features for autonomous vehicles,
  • Advanced control algorithms,
  • Formal verification, abstraction and model checking,
  • Convex optimization and its application to control theory.
  • Supervisory control of discrete event systems,
  • For my resume click here.