IEEE International Microwave Symposium, Honolulu, Hawaii, June 2007

Workshop WMH: High Power Issues of Microwave Filter Design and Realization

Organizers: Ming Yu, COM DEV 

                     Ali Atia, Orbital Science Corp 

Sponsor: MTT-8: Filters and Passive Components

Date & Time: Monday, June 4; 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM 


Topics & Speakers:

x    Introduction to High Power Issues of Microwave Filter Design and Realization, Ming  Yu, COM DEV

x    Basic physical theory of microwave breakdown in Air and recent theoretical results, Vladimir  Semenov, Russian Academy of Sciences

x    Microwave breakdown in Air: Testing and Prevention, Torbjorn  Olsson, Powerwave Technologies

x    Multipactor RF breakdown: Standards, R&D investigations and testing techniques, David  Raboso, European Space Agency

x    Prediction Tools of Multipactor Breakdown Effects in Passive Components, Vicente E Boria and William Pribbl, Universidad Politécnica Valencia

x    Computing And Enhancing Power Handling In Bandstop Filters, Dick  Snyder, RS Microwave

x    Passive Intermodulation at Junctions, Hans L Hartnagel and Carlos Vicente, Technical Universtity Darmstadt

x    Design of Low PIM Diplexers, Chris  Radcliffe, Phase2 Microwave




High Power related issues such as Multipactor, Corona breakdown and Passive Intermodulation (PIM) are common effect frequently observed in passive microwave components especially filters, where excessive storage of RF energy supports such undesired phenomena. Present and near future microwave systems must support higher power levels, as well as an increased degree of components integration, thus widening the risk of high power issues. This workshop will focus on those subjects and aim to enhance the understanding of the phenomena and especially remedies in order save design cycle times and costs to manufacturing industries of microwave filters and passive equipment. The workshop will also help researches, designers, test engineers and users of any high power RF hardware to exchange ideas. Another important area to be covered in the workshop is the standardization & harmonization and co-ordination of efforts to mitigate these topics.


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