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Graduate Students

  1. W. Omran, Ph.D., 2010, “Performance Analysis of Grid-Connected Photovoltaic Systems”
  2. N. Rahman, M.Sc., 2009, “Energy storage solutions for wind generator connected distribution systems in rural Ontario”
  3. J. Maggard, M.Sc., 2009, “ Automation of Sleep Staging”
  4. W. Moussa, M.Sc., 2008, “A Multiprocessor Platform Based on FPGA Technology Targeted for a Driver Vigilance Monitoring Device”
  5. S. Zhang, M.Sc. 2008, “Classification of sleep staging for Narcolepsy assistive device”
  6. M. Wahba, M.Sc. 2008, “An automated modified region growing techniques for prostate segmentation in trans-rectal ultrasound images”
  7. T. El-Fouly, Ph.D. 2007, “Wind farms production: Control and prediction”
  8. M. El-Dery, Ph.D. 2007, “Retrofit control to prevent ASD nuisance tripping due to power quality problems”
  9. F. Sahba, Ph.D. 2007, “Reinforced segmentation of images containing one object of interest”
  10. S. Rahnamyan, Ph.D. 2007, “Opposition based differential evolution”
  11. G. Awad, Ph.D., 2007, “Knowledge based prostate segmentation and regions of interest detection in transrectal ultrasound images”
  12. C. Lawrence, M.Sc. 2007, “Improving fuel economy via management of auxiliary loads in fuel-cell electric vehicles”
  13. A. Lueng, M.Sc. 2007, “Predictive maintenance of circuit breakers”
  14. S. Mohamed, Ph.D. 2006, “Integrated feature analysis for prostate tissue characterization using TRUS images”
  15. H. Zeneldien, Ph.D., 2006, “Distributed generation micro-grid operation: Control, protection, and electricity market operation”
  16. P. Hapuarachchi, M.Sc., 2006, Feature selection and artifact removal in sleep stage classification”
  17. A. Salib, M.Sc., 2006, “Voltage sag ride-through for inverter-based load”
  18. C. Yiu,  M.Sc, 2006, "Voltage sags localization for power distribution system”
  19. M. Wei, M.Sc., 2005, “Energy management for electric vehicle"
  20. Q. Trinh, M.Eng., 2005, “Reactive power control”
  21. W. El-Khattam, Ph.D., 2004, “Power delivery system planning implementing distribution generation”
  22. A. El-Nady, Ph.D., 2004, “Novel control strategies for voltage source converter based mitigating devices to improve the voltage quality”
  23. M. Marie, Ph.D., 2004, Novel control algorithms for invert based custom power conditioners”.
  24. J. Liu, Ph.D., 2004, “A Study of distributed energy recourses and RF triggered high temperature superconductive current switches”
  25. J. Li, M.Sc. 2004, “An automated malignant tumor localization algorithm for prostate cancer detection in trans-rectal ultrasound images”
  26. Q. Xu, M.Sc. 2004, “Statistical Significance Test-Based Feature Selection for Neural Network Classification Used in Mass Spectrometry-Based Proteomic Pattern Analysis for Prostate Cancer Detection”
  27. T. Abdel Galil, Ph.D., 2003, “Automated recognition system for power quality disturbances”.
  28. E. Hui, M.Sc., 2003, “Region-based feature extraction of prostate ultrasound images: A knowledge based approach using fuzzy inference”
  29. B. Chui, M.Sc., 2003, A new segmentation algorithm for prostate boundary detection in 2D ultrasound images”.
  30. E. Ibrahim, M.Sc., 2003, “Investigation of manufacturing tolerance effects on mass production filters
  31. S. Ahmed, M.Sc., 2002, “Automated frequency dependent network equivalence utilizing maple”
  32. K. Sreenivasachar, Ph.D. 2001, “Unified power flow controller: modeling, stability analysis, control strategy and control system design”.
  33. A. Gaouda,.  Ph.D. 2001, “Wavelet-automated recognition system for power quality monitoring”.
  34. R. El Shatshat, Ph.D. 2001, “A novel modular approach to active power-line harmonic filtering in distribution systems”.
  35. H. Ng, Ph.D., Ph.D. 1999, “A novel and practical approach to distribution system performance enhancement using a fuzzy capacitor application method”.
  36. E.F. El-Sadany, Ph.D., 1998, “Power quality improvement for distribution systems under non-linear conditions”.
  37. J. Levine, M.Sc., 1998, “Secondary fault current calculation”
  38. D. Bouchard,  Ph.D., 1997, “Towards loss minimization in distribution systems    using AI: the WATDIST algorithm”
  39. Y.  Lui,  Ph.D., 1997, “Space charge distribution measurements in polymers by an improved pulsed electro-acoustic method”
  40. Y.G. Hegazy, Ph.D., 1996, “Identification of harmonic current characteristics in electric distribution systems”.
  41. R.J. Sarfi, Ph.D., 1996, “Reduction of distribution system losses and improvement of service quality: a novel application based upon a coupling of knowledge based and numerical methods”.
  42. S. Fouda, Ph.D., 1996, “A new hybrid technique for harmonic suppression in distribution systems”.
  43. B. Lian, Ph.D., 1995, “A flexible frequency window approach to the power transmission line fault location algorithm”.
  44. A. Ibrahim, M.Sc., 1995, “Frequency dependent network equivalents for AC power systems”.
  45. A. Mathias, M.Sc., 1995, “Digital simulation of static VAR system using the electromagnetic transient analysis program   (EMTP)”.
  46. M. Wadie, M.Sc. 1995, “A novel comprehensive approach for distribution system planning”.
  47. A Dastaviz, M.Sc., 1994, “Partial discharge in solid insulating materials: detection and analysis”.
  48. A. Mazroua, M.Sc., 1993, “Pattern based partial discharge diagnosis system using neural networks”.
  49. T. El-Sheikh, Ph.D., 1991, “Underground transmission theory and technology of high voltage cables”.
  50. E.A. Aliem,   M.Sc., 1990, “Optimum design of interior lighting systems”.
  51. M.H. Fahmy,   M.Sc., 1990, “Optimum design of cathodic protection systems”.
  52. H.M. Mostafa, M.Sc., 1989, “Electric load forecasting using different methods suitable to Egyptian network”.
  53. M..M. Sallam,   M.Sc., 1988, “Tracking of electric insulating materials”.
  54. M.M. Ahmed, M.Sc., 1988, “Optimum allocation for static and switched capacitors on primary feeders”.
  55. H.K. Temraz,   M.Sc., 1988, “Studying of fault current limiter devices”.
  56. A.M. El-Harras, M.Sc., 1987, “Field calculations and corona discharges on high voltage lines”.
  57. M. Abd. El Hamid,  M.Sc. 1987, “Electromagnetic interference from high power high voltage equipment”.
  58. T.S. Abd El Salam,   M.Sc., 1986, “Dynamic reactive power control for distribution feeder”.
  59. M. El-Desoky,   M.Sc., 1986, “Transient analysis of three phase induction machines”.
  60. M.M. Rizk,    M.Sc., 1982, “Partial discharge measurements”.
  61. T. El-Sheikh,   M.Sc., 1981, “Calculation of electric fields in belted cables”.
  62. El. Abaseiry Mahmod,   M.Sc., 1981, “Reactive power control for distribution system”.


B:  Current Students

    1. G. Gilbert, Ph.D.
    2. K.Wong, Ph.D.
    3. A. Abu Elanien Ph.D.
    4. M. Elnashar, Ph.D.
    5. S. Gabran,, Ph.D.
    6. C.Yiu, Ph.D.
    7. M. El-Khatib, Ph.D.
    8. M. Mohamed, Ph.D.
    9. J. Saad, Ph.D.
    10. M. Eldein, Ph.D.
    11. R. Hasan, Ph.D.
    12. M. Ibrahim, Ph.D.
    13. R. Xu, M.Sc.
    14. Y. Alhazmi, M.Sc
    15. M. Mukerji M.Sc