Collaborative Information Dissemination in Distributed Mobile Networks
As a key member of the MP2P research group in the Broadband Communication Research (BBCR) lab at the University of Waterloo, I am primarily responsible to nurture efficient information dissemination schemes in resource constrained mobile environment. The specific objective of our research is to develop a data dissemination system for distributed mobile networks using a MP2P technique that maximizes the amount of required objects distributed among the interested users and at the same time minimizes the object acquisition time. Our proposed system will provide specific methodologies to address important factors such as low bandwidth, high latency, limited device availability and mobility to ensure quality of service.  To utilize system bandwidth from every aspect, our system will present an optimum packet size for distribution based on the available bandwidth (in communication layers). To utilize the small storage efficiently, we will apply cooperative caching among the mobile devices and tune-up the storage management policy to gain the maximum performance out of the system. In addition, we will devise a method of multicast for efficient data dissemination among the users which are connected through multihop network. We will also cogitate about the relative size and urgency of objects in a network and will define a method that achieves the optimum query-response performance of our system.