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About Program - This is not an easy program, you have to work hard in order to do well. When it comes to studying, some courses are best studying in groups versus studying individually. If you are struggling with a course go to your professor and/or Teaching Assistants, they are there to help you so do not be shy. Also check out Khan Academy.

ECE Survival - I came across this ECE Survival Guide in my first year. Though I do not agree with some aspects of this document, it is still a worthwhile read.

New Students - University of Waterloo Indian Connection (UWIC) created a New Student Mentorship Package for students to aware of all the resources available on campus.

Housing - I recommend moving out of residence after first year and finding an apartment. Find 3-5 people that you want to live with and lease an apartment. Most of the one year lease housing wont be furnished so furnish it once and sublet it to people in the opposite stream during non-study terms. The prices vary depending on the location, you are looking at $450 up to $750 for one room.

Summer Housing - In the summer, its extremely HOT in Kitchener/Waterloo so its recommended to get housing with A/C. Prices vary quite a bit for summer sublets all the way from $300 to $600 per room. It really depends on where you would like to stay. The closer you say the more expensive it is. I have added some links under housing to help you with the search.

Eating - The University Plaza has many different places to choose from. If you are vegetarian, I recommend Pita Factory, Subway, Vegetarian Place, Grab a Greek, and East Side Mario (ALL YOU CAN EAT pasta on tuesday).

If you are UP LATE or its a SUNDAY the following places are guaranteed to be open, Campus Pizza, Burger King, and Pita Factory. I have added some of my recommendations of places to eat from in K/W area under Restaurants.

Budgeting - It is really important to plan your expenses for the study term. Always have money on your Watcard because of turnkey desk, wending machines and Tim Hortons. Some of the things to consider are eating out all the time versus going grocery shopping and making your own food. I recommend a combination of both to save some money. Always apply for osap

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Services on Campus

General Tips/Tricks

Waterloo Engineering is one the most recognized engineering programs in North America. This program will challenge you both physically and mentally. This page has been put together with the intention to help students be aware of all the important links/resources available on campus to help you succeed in university. Please enter your UW username and password when necessary.

If you would like to contribute to my page or have any questions send me an email at prashanth.madhi@gmail.com.

Computer Engineering students have required courses focusing on digital system design, microprocessor interfacing, software systems and software engineering.

Electrical Engineering students have required courses focusing on semiconductor devices and circuits, electromagnetic fields and waves, power systems and energy conversion.

What is Computer & Electrical Engineering

Important Links

There are many clubs and services that are available on Campus. Here is a short list of the important services/clubs that students should be aware of.

FEDS - Federation of Students are responsible for many activities around campus. Check out Clubs day and the events calendar.

Engineering Society - Official organization for all undergraduate students that supports you academically or socially.

Intramural Sports - Many sports to choose from, find some friends to play with, sign up, and have fun.

Health Services - If you are sick, visit Health Services immediately.

Engineering Counseling Services- They offer confidential personal counseling, study skills, career planning. I recommend Kristine Meier.

Counseling Workshops- There are many workshops that Counseling Services provides for students to help with study skills, stress management.

Student Success Office- Learn, experience, innovate through workshops, success coaches and find your individual path to success.

University of Waterloo Indian Connection (UWIC) - Club to promote Indian culture through social outings and cultural events. Join the facebook group here.

Waterloo Indian Tamils (WIT) - Club to promote south indian culture through social gatherings such as casual dinners, field trips, games, movie night.

Leadership Activities - Sign up on Engosc Mailing list and keep your eyes and ears open for announcements, posters on campus, and emails.

Orientation Week Leader - Sign up to be a leader at Orientation week.

Resident Life Don - Become a don at a university/college residence.

Campus Ambassadors - Promote University of Waterloo.

Engsoc Directors/Executives- Become a student leader for Engineering Society.

Is it possible to do well in the course if I fail the Midterm?

Ans: Yes, the weight of your final is significantly greater than the midterm so its definitely possible to do well.

Does the program get easier as you progress?

Ans: No, it does not. You get better at it.

I want to switch from Electrical or Computer, how difficult is it to switch?

Ans: Computers and Electricals take the same courses until 2A, so its a easier to switch if the decision is made earlier in the undergraduate career.

Should I buy the textbooks before school starts?

Ans: Wait till the lecture starts before buying your textbooks. Check the used book store first and if its not available then buy it from the book store. Other sources include Amazon, Abebooks and Textbook Exchange on Facebook.

What do I do if I am overwhelmed and things are not working out?

Ans: Make an appointment with an Engineering Counselor and talk to them.

Frequently Asked Questions