Parsa Pourali

Ph.D. Student, UWaterloo
M.Sc. Concordia University
B.Sc. Islamic Azad University

I am currently studying as a PhD student at University of Waterloo, under the supervision of Prof. Joanne M. Atlee and co-supervision of Prof. Krzysztof Czarnecki. My research is towards applying Formal Methods on the process of Software Modelling in order to improve the production of a better software. I have got the opportunity of getting involved in the NECSIS (Network for the Engineering of Complex Software-Intensive Systems for Automotive Systems) project.

I have received my Master's degree in Computer Science from Concordia University, where I was working under the supervision of Prof. Ferhat Khendek and Dr. Maria Toeroe. I have done my Master's research on Service Availability and generating AMF configurations such that we can maximize the level of Service Availability. My Master's thesis was a co-project between Concordia University and Ericsson Canada. I am glad that I had the opportunity of working within the Ericsson environment and gain the experience of industrial research! My Master's thesis can be found here, or please feel free to send me an email if you cannot access to it.

In 2005, I have been admitted to Islamic Azad University (Sari Branch) from which I graduated with B.Sc. in Software Engineering. As part of my Bachelor's degree project, I have implemented a software system for schools using Business Intelligence (BI) techniques.