Research Interests

  • Model-Based Software Development
  • Requirement Engineering
  • Software Reliability and Dependability
  • Service Availability
My Ph.D. research topic is towards formalizing the process of Requirement Engineering in the Software Development Lifecycle. As systems grow these days, the need of a formalized approach for developing software systems increases. A huge amount of the effort in the development lifecycle can be due to the mistakes made in the requirement engineering phase. Knowing that, I am interested in the approaches to improve the requirement engineering process in order to reduce the mistakes and effort of software development. I am currently a student member of WatForm group and NECSIS project. I am also interested in the topics related to Service Availability. I have done my Master's thesis on Service Availability. I have proposed some patterns and estimation methods to improve the deliverable level of Service Availability. One of the estimations methods in research has been published in ARES 2014 conference with the acceptance rate of 16%. We are also working on publishing other paper in a Dependability related Journal. I believe Service Availability has a good future in research as it is becoming the most important non-functional requirement of a system. I am glad that I've been involved in the MAGIC (Modeling and Automatic Generation of Information and upgrade Campaigns) project.