Stephen Naoyuki Matsuba


I was born on 14 March, 1959 in Vancouver, Canada. I received my B.A. and M.A. in English Literature at the University of British Columbia, and also attended York University (Toronto, Canada) where I worked on a Ph.D in Computational Linguistics and English Literature.

Along the way, my interests shifted from the literary to the technological.  I began work in computational linguistics, artificial intelligence and cognitive science, computer applications in humanities research and education, VR, and multimedia design. Along with Bernie Roehl, I co-authored Special Edition Using VRML (Que Publishing, 1996). My work has been published in Literary and Linguistic Computing, Computers and the Humanities, IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, and ACM SIGGRAPH Computer Graphics Quarterly.

I have been fortunate in being able to pursue a wide variety of interests.  Bernie Roehl and I developed a VRML-based theatre production called VRML Dream. The project was a thirty minute adaptation of Shakespeare;s A Midsummer Night's Dream multicast live over the Internet. It used VRML and custom developed Java applications to allow anyone with a 150 Mhz Pentium computer and a 28.8 modem connection to watch the play as it was being performed. A number of articles have been written about the project including the August 1998 issue of Computer Graphics World.

I also authored a series of virtual reality spaces called “Construct(s) and Même-ing: An Essay in Three Dimensions”. The “essay” is constructed using VRML 2.0 and could be accessed via the World Wide Web using a VRML 2.0 compliant browser. “Construct(s)” was also displayed at Toronto’s InterAccess Gallery in February 1997.

I was also able to apply my talents to the corporate world.  I have been developing business proposals, preparing marketing research and materials, and creating technical documents for a variety of companies and organizations.  I was also a co-founder of Yumetech, Inc. based in Seattle, WA.

The mainstay of my life these days are kendo and iaido.  I was a member of Seattle Kendo Kai for over five years where I achieved shodan rank (first-level black belt) in kendo. I am now with the Vancouver Kendo Club.

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