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So what are my current goals?

In terms of a job, my goal is to work for a company that wants to grow and is looking for someone who can fill more than a single role. It is a cliché to say that I want to use my talents and make a contribution to a company. of course, we live in a world of clichés and it doesn't hurt to state the obvious. But the difference between banality and substance is what lies behind one's statements.

In my case, I offer a great deal of experience. Over the last seven years, I was responsible for a wide range of duties. I researched new technologies, market trends and preparing proposals for a variety of funding sources including the Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) Program, NASA and the U.S. military. I strategized and developed marketing plans and marketing strategies on a limited budget as well as prepared all marketing and presentation materials, created company graphics including logos and software icons, created and maintained the company website. I performed software tests and created software manuals. I also reviewed and prepared all contracts and invoicing. I have worked at trade show booths at major conference such as SIGGRAPH and the I/ITSEC where I have participated in booth planning, marketing materials preparation and booth set-up, manning and tear down.

My experience as a writer ranges from the highly technical to material for the general public. I have written both academic and professional articles for journals such as IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications and Computer Graphics (ACM). I have also written material for the general public including a book on the Virtual Reality Modeling Language for Que Publications. In the course of my career, I have been interviewed on radio and television, prepared a variety of advertising materials including video, websites and print. I have written technical whitepapers, manuals, business and marketing proposals and various forms of software documentation including user manuals and guides. My work has included contributions to international specifications such as X3D (ISO/IEC 19776). I also have presented material at international conferences such as SIGGRAPH and the Web3D Symposium.

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My Goals