This is an introductory course on computer security. I will teach this course in 4 modules. Each module consists of 5 ectures. Topics include the following: system security, basics of cryptography, web security, and network security.


Instructor Vijay Ganesh
Office Hours: By appointment (DC 2530)
Chuyi Liu (
Mark Wheatley (
Erlie Shang (
Office Hours: Thursday  12-1 PM (EIT 4144)
Office Hours: Friday 4-5 PM (MathSoc Comfy Lounge MC3001)
Office Hours: Monday 4-5 PM (MathSoc Comfy Lounge MC3001)

A list of security tools and papers important to system security researchers.

Class will be held on Mondays and Fridays from 2:30-3:50 PM in MC 1085
All lecture materials, assignments etc. are available on the LEARN system