The Waterloo Aerial Robotics Group is a team of students developing autonomous aerial vehicles that can operate as unmanned aerial vehicles. The goal of the team is to develop autonomous aerial vehicles that perform various tasks without the slightest amount of human interaction. These aircraft must be capable of tasks such as flight stabilization, navigation, and visual recognition. Along with the help of our sponsors WARG is able to foster innovation and push the bounds of what was though not to be possible.


Humble Beginings


The Waterloo Aerial Robotics Group was founded in the fall of 1997 by a first year computer engineering student named Dave Kroetsch. With the help of Professor David Wang (Electrical and Computer Engineering), a small group of undergraduate computer engineering students officially started to work toward competing in the International Aerial Robotics Competition Millennium Event. Since then WARG has competed in numerous national and international competitions always bringing the most innovative ideas and designs.




WARG has competed in the International Aerial Robotics Competition for many years and has recently decided to enter into the 6th Annual Unmanned Systems Canada Student Unmanned Aerial Systems Competition. WARG will compete against world renowned universities from all across Canada, as soars across the skies and completes its objectives.


Above and Beyond


WARG is focused on the future and equipping its members with the knowledge and know how to succeed not just as a team but as individuals as well. It is a place that students can come to learn and get experience, as well as a place for students to hone and expand their skills and understanding. Take a look at all that WARG has to offer on our join page.