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WARG What?

The Waterloo Aerial Robotics Group (WARG) is a team of UW students that is attempting to win the Unmanned Systems Canada Competition. This competition requires the autonomous aerial vehicle to patrol a pipeline right of way and its surrounding area, identifying and mapping damaged crop, locating a rockslide and calculating its volume, and identifying unauthorized people or vehicles in the pipeline right of way. This surveillance is very difficult to achieve, but with the talent and creativity of WARG's team members we are able to successfully complete this task. We believe that UW has the best students in the world. This competition is a chance to prove it!


What can I learn?

Problem-solving, technical skills, and so much more. As a multi-faceted team, we have space for students of any program or faculty. If you are interested in learning about vision systems, control systems, mechanical design, systems integration, real-time software or artificial intelligence then WARG is where you belong. All of us started out not knowing much on these subjects but through work with the team we have gained experience and knowledge, and you can too. WARG also has need for people with business and marketing backgrounds to target sponsors and complete outreach.


I like learning, but for what other reasons should I join?

The benefits to becoming a WARG member are plentiful. Other than gaining the respect and admiration of your family and friends, you will meet some hard-working individuals who like robots and have fun. You will gain some incredible experience to dazzle employers, make connections for some cool jobs, have access to the E5 Student Design Center and all the Team work rooms. Most importantly you will have the opportunity to lay your hands on the coolest pieces of technology on campus!


Will I have time for WARG and my courses?

All of the members of WARG are students too. Our involvement in this project is an extracurricular activity. If you want to spend 30 hours a week working on our competition entry, then there is enough work for you. If you only want to spend 5 hours a week, that's okay too. However, we have to warn you that playing with robots is a dangerous addiction. You will enjoy your WARG experience so much that you will find ways to spend more time with us.


Who runs WARG?

The members of the WARG team do. The advisory board is a group of WARG members who have dedicated their time and efforts to winning the competition. Board members have a little extra responsibility. They have to handle the finances and accounts, run the meetings, help out new members, and decide on the team direction. You can become a board member once you meet the following criteria:

  • You want some extra responsibility
  • You are in Waterloo (on campus or work term)
  • You enjoy voicing your opinion and making clutch decisions
  • You have been in WARG for a while and thus possess the background knowledge about the project to give effective guidance to other members
So, if you want to get more involved you can!


Come to the bay

Perhaps the best way to get involved with WARG is to come out to the WARG bay in the E5 Student Design center and meet with the team. You will be able to meet some of the WARG members and to find out more about what is currently going on in WARG. Meeting dates and other events are posted on our news page so you can see when we will be around. We look forward to seeing you soon.


Join the core team

Have you ever built an autonomous robotic flying vehicle? If you have, then we could use your help. If you haven't, don't worry because we still want your help. Whether you are an accomplished QNX software developer, an aerospace engineering freak or a frosh who wants to play with robots, we have a learning opportunity for you. Join our mailing list and get updated with what WARG is up to and get informed about meeting dates and times. Just fill out this form.



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