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Distributed Algorithms and Systems Lab

Research interests

  • cloud storage systems
  • eventual consistency
  • multi-core algorithms
  • concurrent data structures
  • blockchains
  • theory of distributed computation

Personal interests

  • on land: hiking, tennis, skiing
  • in the water: SCUBA diving, snorkeling
  • at home: parenting, guitar playing

Learn how to pronounce the long form (Wojciech) and short form (Wojtek) of my name.

Call for students

Interested in graduate studies or a supervised undergraduate research project? Please get in touch using the e-mail address at the bottom of this page, and attach a copy of your transcript. (International students: please also provide TOEFL and GRE scores.)

Candidates with strong theoretical or systems skills are welcome to apply. Specific skills relevant to my research include:

  • distributed software systems (databases, NoSQL storage, coordination services, blockchains)
  • data structures and algorithms, with a focus on concurrency and parallelism
  • techniques for specifying and proving the correctness of algorithms and distributed protocols

News – last updated September 5th, 2017

Research paper on tuning eventual consistency accepted to SSS'17, wins Best Paper Award in the area of distributed computing.

Research paper on distributed transaction processing accepted to SoCC'17.

Two research papers accepted to PODC'17, one on recoverable mutual exclusion and one on eventual consistency.

Research paper on supporting consistency guarantees in distributed storage systems accepted to IEEE Transactions on Big Data (TBD).

Research paper on benchmarking energy analytics accepted to ACM Transactions on Database Systems (TODS).

Research paper on recoverable mutual exclusion accepted to PODC'16.

Two research papers on distributed storage and cluster computing accepted to CCGrid'16.

Research paper on energy analytics accepted to EnDM'16.

Research paper on data structures for non-volatile main memory accepted to OPODIS'15.

Demo paper on consistency analysis accepted to ICDE'16.

Research paper on consistency-latency tuning accepted to SCDM'15.

Research paper on consistency analysis accepted to PODC'15.

Research paper on eventual consistency accepted to PVLDB Vol. 8.

Research paper on energy analytics accepted to EDBT'15.

Research paper on relativistic distributed systems accepted to DISC'14.

Research paper on eventual consistency accepted to ICDCS'14.

Research paper on memory management accepted to PODC'14.

Article on eventual consistency published in CACM and ACM Queue (2014).

Prof. Golab wins Google Faculty Research Award (2014).

Prof. Golab awarded research grant by Hewlett-Packard Labs, Palo Alto (2013).

ACM Computing Reviews lists Prof. Golab's paper on shared memory algorithms among 91 "notable computing items published in 2012":

External collaborations and contacts

I have collaborated recently with graduate students, professors, and industry researchers in the following places: In the past, I have also collaborated with researchers who are currently at several Silicon Valley start-ups.