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E&CE Engineering Content Requirements
Self Assessment

The Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering programs have been designed to ensure that at least 50% of the program of study comprises engineering science and engineering design. Each course offered in the Faculty of Engineering has a prescribed engineering content measured in accreditation units.

When a student requests a special program of study, not listed in the calendar, it must be shown that the proposed program meets the mimumum engineering content requirement. This self-assessment form is intended help determine whether a special program of study satisfies the engineering content criterion.


  1. Complete the following form.
  2. Click the button labelled "Prepare Self-Assessment Report".
  3. Print out a copy of the report for your records.
  4. If there is a concern meeting the engineering content degree requirements, contact E&CE Undergraduate Advisor in CEIT-3032 519-888-4567x3331.

E&CE Engineering Content Requirements
Self Assessment Form


Student Number
Expected Graduation

Technical Breadth Electives (Computer Engineering Only)

TBE 1:
TBE 2:

Technical Electives

List all technical electives below. Note that core courses such as ECE 427 (Computer Engineering), and ECE 304 and ECE 471 (Electrical Engineering) are not to be entered below.

Select E&CE courses from the lists provided.

TE 1:
TE 2:
TE 3:
TE 4:
TE 5:
TE 6:

Enter non-E&CE courses taken as technical electives in the Other fields below. For courses taken from other departments in Engineering, you should be able to get the weights here. All courses taken outside of the Faculty of Engineering are treated as having 0 engineering content.

 course numberengineering content
  calendar wtrefined wt
Other 1:
Other 2:

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