Proc. of SPIE, vol. 3391, Wavelet Applications IV, pp. 616-620, Orlando, Apr. 1998


Chinese Typeface Generation and Composition Using B-Spline Wavelet Transform

Feng Yang, Zhou Wang, and Yinglin Yu

Dept. of Electronics and Communication Engineering, South China Univ. of Technology, Guangzhou 510641, China

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Abstract: A new approach is introduced to generate and compose Chinese typefaces employing B-spline wavelet transform. Firstly, we model each area-based curved outline of the Chinese characters using a B-spline curve, which is determined by a set of control points. Secondly, the B-spline wavelet transform is used to represent the control points with several sequences of wavelet coefficients on several different scales. We then modify the details on different scales by editing them or by combining the coefficients obtained from different standard typefaces. Finally, the modified wavelet coefficients are reconstructed, resulting in a new curved outline for the character being processed. Experiments show that the proposed approach is capable of generating many special kinds of typefaces by applying different editing strategies on the wavelet coefficients.