Team Members

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Dayan Ban
Princliple Investigator
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Asif Abdullah Khan
Postdoc Fellow
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Dr. Louis Chen Kaysir
Research Associate
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Shamaila Shahzadi
Visiting Scholar
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Mahmoud Almadhoun 
Visiting Scholar
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Jian Yin 
Ph.D. Student
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Aixi Pan  
PhD Student
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Md. Soyaeb Hasan
Ph.D. Student
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Md Fahim Al Fattah  
Ph.D. Student
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Fangzheng Huang
Ph.D. Student
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Majid Haji Bagheri  
PhD Student
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Xikai Tang
PhD Student
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Rebecca Mac
PhD Student
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Chenxu Zhu  
PhD Student
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Jiarun Bai  
Master student Student
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Jishen Wang
MASc. Student
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Saud Al Shaban
Visiting Student
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Owen Gibbs;
Co-op Student


Group Alumni (incomplete list)

Ms.  Emma Gu (Co-op, 2024-2024)
Mr.  Simon Li (Co-op, 2023-2024)
Dr.  Shazzad Rassel (Postdoc, 2018-2023)
Dr.  Asif Abdullah Khan (PhD, 2018-2023)
Dr.  Md Masud Rana (PhD, 2019-2023)
Dr.  Abdulrahman Aloraynan (PhD, 2020-2023)
Mr.  Fangzheng Huang (MASc, 2021-2023)
Mr.  Xikai Tang (MASc, 2021-2023)
Mr.  Karim Habashy (Co-Op, 2022-2023)
Mr.  Jiaqi Song (URA, 2023)
Mr.  Simon Chen (URA, 2023)
Dr.  Siyi Wang (PhD, 2016-2022)
Dr.  Md. Rejvi Kaysir (Postdoctoral fellow, 2021-2022)
Mr.  Chao Li (Master student, 2020-2022)
Mr.  Shawn Benedict (Co-Op student, 2021-2022)
Ms.  Kailyn Vailancourt (URA student, 2022-2023)
Ms.  Manal Fatima (URA student, 2021-2022)
Dr. Boyu Wen (PhD student, 2014-2021, Postdoctoral fellow, 2021 - 2021)
Dr. Weiguang Zhu (Postdoctoral fellow, 2021 - 2021)
Dr. Chao Xu (Postdoctoral fellow, 2017 - 2021)
Mr. Steven Zhang (Research Associate, 2016 - 2020)
Mr. Hossein Anabestani (MASc student, 2019 - 2021)
Dr. Jingkun Xu (PhD student, 2019 - 2020)
Mr. Tim Li (Co-op student, Jan.-Apr. 2021)
Dr. Guangguang Huang (Postdoctoral fellow, 2019 - 2020)
Ms. Joyce Zheng (Co-op student, May-Aug. 2020)
Ms. Kaixi (Cathy) Wang (MASc student, 2018 - 2020)
Mr. Jian Yin (MASc student, 2017 - 2019), PhD at University of Waterloo
Mr. Alam Mahmud (MASc student, 2016 - 2018), PhD at University of Toronto
Mr. Yue Zhuo (MASc student, 2019)
Mr. Xiaoliang He (MASc student, 2019)
Ms. Manasa Kaniselvan (Co-op student, Jan.- Aug. 2018), undergraduate student at University of Waterloo
Mr. Zhongda (Bill) Zhang (Co-op student, May-Aug. 2018), undergraduate student at McMaster University
Dr. Chunlei Wang (visiting scholar 2017-2018), Professor at Southeast University, Nanjing, China
Dr. Shuhong Xu (visiting scholar 2017-2018), Associate Professor at Southeast University, Nanjing, China
Dr. Ghasem Razavipour (Postdoc 2013-2017), National Research Council of Canada, Ottawa, Canada
Mr. Denis Striakhilev (Research Associate 2014-2015), IGNIS Innovation, Waterloo, Canada
Dr. Guocheng Liu (PhD 2010-2015, Postdoc 2015-2017), VueReal Technologies, Waterloo, Canada
Dr. Chao Xu (PhD 2011-2017), Postdoc at University of Waterloo
Mr. Xueren (Jacky) Wang (MASc 2013-2016), Industry
Mr. Jeffrey Watchorn (URA, 2015-2016), Graduate student at University of Waterloo

Prof. Cun Chang (Visiting Professor 2013-2014), Professor at Heilongjiang University.

Dr. Daniel Hailu (Postdoctoral fellow, 2014-2015), TeTechS Inc.

Dr. Rudra Sankar Dhar (Ph.D. student, 2010-2014), Postdoctoral at the University of Alberta.

Dr. Seyed Ghasem Razavipour (Ph.D. student, 2008-2013), Postdoctoral at Waterloo.

Dr. Jun Chen (Ph.D. student, 2007-2011), Stanford Postdoc and now Associate Professor at Soochow University.

Dr. Saeed Fathololoumi (Ph.D. student 2007-2010), McGill Postdoc and now on staff in Los Angles, USA.

Dr. Zhizhong Yan (Postdoc, 2012), now on staff at Macquarie University in Australia.

Dr. Sergey Musikhin (Research Associate 2008-2010)

Dr. Marcel Graf (Research Associate 2008)

Mr. Mark Ferguson (MASc. student, 2013-2015), Industry.

Mr. Simon Ferre (Master student, 2012-2013). Continued to Ph.D. at III-V labs in France.

Mr. Hao Wang (Master student, 2011-2013), Industry.

Mr. Nolan Lassaline (Co-op student, 2011, 2012, 2013), continued graduate study at ETH-Zurich

Mr. Jianchen Tao (Master student, 2010-2012), Continued to US industry

Mr. Zhenzhong Li (Master student, 2010-2012), Continued to Federal government in Ottawa.

Mr. Baolin Tian (Master student, 2009-2011), On staff Teledyne-DALSA.

Ms. Somayyeh Rahimi (Master student, 2007-2008), continued Ph.D. at University of Texas, Austin

Mr. Hao Yang (Summer Intern student, 2015-2015), Summer research project at Waterloo.

Mr. Ji Liu (Summer Intern student, 2015-2015), Summer research project at Waterloo.

Mr. Jeffrey Watchorn (Co-op student, 2014-2014), Undergraduate student at Waterloo.

Ms. Anahita Malvea (Co-op. student, 2014-2014), Co-op at Waterloo.

Mr. Yingxuan Zhi (Co-op student, 2013)

Mr. Aborig Mohamed (Co-op student, 2013)

Mr. Dawid Zygmunt (Exchange student, 2013)

Mr. Daniel Saari (Research project student, 2012)

Mr. Prasahnt Sivarajah (Co-Op student, 2011) Continued to graduate study at Standford University.

Mr. Rohit George John (Co-Op student, 2011)

Mr. Yingxuan(Derek) Zhi (Co-Op student, 2010)

Mr. Jason Chow (4th year design project student, 2010)

Mr. Jonathan Wu (URA student, 2010)

Mr. Nathan Dyck(URA Student, 2009)

Mr. Jeff Wang (URA student, 2009)

Ms. Lynna Chen (URA student 2009)

Mr. Ravish Malhotra (URA Student, 2008)
Ms. Yuhan Ma (4th year design project Student, 2008), continued to Ph.D. at McGill University, Canada.
Mr. Patrick Tsai (Past Master Student 2007)
Dr. Ludmila Bakueva (Visiting Scientist 2007)
Ms. Qin Chen (Undergraduate Research Assisstantship (URA) Student 2007)
Mr. Lei Zhang (Past Undergraduate Research Assistantship (URA) Student 2006)

{last updated May 2024 }


Latest News

Maximizing piezoelectricity by self-assembled highly porous perovskite–polymer composite films to enable the internet of things,

Journal of Materials Chemistry A (JMCA),

vol. 8 (27), pp. 13619-13629 (2020)

Superior Transverse Piezoelectricity in Two-Dimensional Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Perovskite Nanosheets for Nanogenerators,

Nano Energy,

vol.86, 106039 (2021).

Achieving Ultrahigh Piezoelectricity in Organic-Inorganic Vacancy-Ordered Halide Double Perovskites for Mechanical Energy Harvesting,

ACS Energy Letters,

vol. 6, pp. 16-23 (2021)


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