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Overview of Ontario Regulation 941

Updated for 2010 Changes to the Professional Engineers Act

These web pages have been updated to include both enacted and pending changes due to the Open for Business Act, 2010. Note that some changes will not be in force until proclaimed by the Lieutenant Governor; for example, the putting into force the end of the industrial exemption has been delayed numerous times.


All information on this website is provided without any warranty to its correctness. The material on these pages reflects Douglas Wilhelm Harder's best judgment in light of the information available to him at the time of its preparation. Any use which a third party makes of these pages, on any reliance on or decision to be made based on it, are the responsibility of such third parties. Douglas W. Harder accepts no responsibility for damages, if any, suffered by any third party as a result of decisions made or actions based on these pages.

A summary of the sections of Ontario Regulation 941 are listed here. While the most relevant sections to the PPE are Sections 72 (definition of misconduct) and 77 (Code of Ethics of the Association), it is useful to understand the scope of the entire document.

  • 1 Definitions
  • 2-3 The Council and other Officers
  • 4-5 The five Regions.
  • 6-27 Elections, voting, and appointments.
  • 28-29 Executive Committee details.
  • 30-31 Fees Mediation Committee.
  • 32 The Registration Committee, engineering interns, and engineering students.
  • 33-39 Licencing and examinations.
  • 40 Academic Requirements Committee.
  • 41 Experience Requirements Committee and fee remission Member.
  • 42-44 Temporary licences.
  • 45-46 Limited licences.
  • 47-49 Certificates of authorization.
  • 50 Change of address, etc.
  • 51 Resignations and reinstatement.
  • 52 Designations and seals.
  • 53 What to seal.
  • 54 Returning seals and certificates.
  • 55 Resignations and titles. (?)
  • 56-60 Consulting engineers and independent practice.
  • 61-63 Consulting Engineer Designation Committee.
  • 64-71 Further details on consulting engineering.
  • 72 Definition of "misconduct".
  • 73 Discipline Committee detail.
  • 74 Insurance.
  • 75 Restrictions on advertising.
  • 76 Committees for preparing new schedules of fees.
  • 77 Code of Ethics of the Association.
  • 78 Duties of the Registrar if life is endangered.
  • 79 Interruptions in postal services and extensions.
  • 79.1-87 List of fees.
  • 88 Revoked.