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Ben and Eric are biking across Canada: and they're almost finished. They started in Victoria and after five weeks, they made it to North Bay. I drove up Sunday to meet them, and I stayed and took a few photographs as well as attended their excellent presentations. These two really are amazing.

In North Bay, they visited Marshall Park Secondary School and King George Elementary School. The Grades 1 through 6 students prepared a number of posters which are also shown below.

Recovering from a Long Day

Marshall Park Secondary School

Signaling is always good.

Excellent form coming into the high school.

Getting some help from an audience member.

King George Elementary School

The students at King George prepared an entire collection of posters to welcome Eric and Ben. They're all good, though this anonymous one is my favourite.

Excellent picture with the solar cell clearly visible, and the truck in the background.

Once again, signaling.

On the Trans-Canada Highway to Ottawa

The best photograph of the lot.

And they're off.