Zhou Wang, PhD, PEng, FIEEE, FRSC, FCAE

Canada Research Chair, Professor

Dept. of Electrical & Computer Engineering

University of Waterloo

Office: E5-5113

Phone: (519)888-4567 ext. 35301

Fax: (519)746-3077

Email: zhou.wang@uwaterloo.ca

Mailing Address:

Dept. of ECE, Univ. of Waterloo

200 University Ave. W.

Waterloo, ON N2L 3G1, Canada















Research Interests

Multimedia quality-of-experience (QoE)

Image, video and signal processing, coding and quality assessment

Computational vision and pattern analysis

Multimedia communications

Biomedical signal and image processing


Online Demos and Downloads

Group Maximum differentiation (gMAD) competition for model comparison

Blind end-to-end video quality assessment

Deep bilinear pooling for blind image quality assessment

QoE database for adaptive streaming

Unified blind quality assessment for natural, graphic and screen content images

Waterloo Exploration Database for image quality assessment

QoE for adaptive streaming: exploring the space of adaptations

Waterloo IVC 3D video quality database

Waterloo IVC 3D depth quality database

Waterloo IVC 3D image quality database

QoE index for streaming video

Interpolated image quality assessment

SSIMplus index for video quality-of-experience assessment

SSIM image quality index

Information content weighted SSIM index (IW-SSIM)

Universal image quality index

Image sharpness assessment based on local phase coherence

TMQI: tone mapped image quality index

Video denoising Based on Spatiotemporal GSM

No-reference JPEG image quality index

Reduced-reference image quality assessment

Quality-aware images

Maximum differentiation (MAD) competition

Foveated scalable image coding

Human vision foveation model

Improved JPEG2000 ROI coding