I am a Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Waterloo. Prior to the University of Waterloo, I was a postdoctoral fellow at the University of California, Berkeley working in the Ptolemy group with Prof. Edward A. Lee. I received my Ph.D. at Virginia Tech.

Research Focus

My research is in the design, analysis, and implementation of computer hardware and software. Currently, my research focuses on the following topics: real-time embedded systems; computer architecture; hardware architectures for machine learning and artificial intelligence; and security. Please visit my group's website for more details:

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Prospective Students

Students must have a strong background in programming (both software and hardware). If you are applying to either the Computer Science or Electrical and Computer Engineering department, and are interested in this research, then please send me your CV. Unfortunately, it may not be possible to respond to all email.

Research Team

Current Students
  • Zhuanhao Wu, Ph.D.
  • Marat Bekmyrza, Ph.D. (Co-supervised with Nachiket Kapre)
  • Artem Klashtorny, Ph.D.
  • Susmita Tadepalli, MASc.
  • Xinzhe Wang, MASc. (Co-supervised with Rodolfo Pellizzoni)
  • Anirudh M. Kaushik, Ph.D., Spring 2021 (Intel, Canada)
  • Zhuanhao Wu, MASc., Spring 2019. (Continuing PhD@Waterloo)
  • Mohamed Hassan, Ph.D., Winter 2016 (Assistant Prof. @ McMaster University)
  • Hany Kashif, Ph.D., Fall 2015 (SOTI Research)
  • Artem Klashtorny, MASc., Spring 2022 (Continuing PhD)
  • Srinirdheeshwar Kuttuva Prakash, MASc., Winter 2022
  • Paulos Tegegn, MASc., Winter 2019 (Evertz Microsystems)
  • Nivedita Sritharan, MASc., Spring 2017
  • Yunling Cui, MASc., Winter 2017 (Intel, Canada)
  • Nathan Buchanan, MASc., Fall 2016 (Texas Instruments, USA)
  • Zhuoran Yin, MASc., Winter 2015 (AMD)
  • Anirudh Kaushik, MASc., Winter 2014 (IBM Toronto)
  • Aayush Prakash, MASc., Spring 2012 (IBM Toronto => Nvidia Canada)
  • Sina Gholamian, MASc., Spring 2012 (Thalmic Labs.=>Qualcomm Canada)
  • Dan Wang, Research Associate, Fall 2013 (Istuary)

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