This is the homepage of Werner Dietl. I am an assistant professor in Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Waterloo.

From January to July 2017 I was a Visiting Researcher at Google. Previously, I worked with Prof. Michael D. Ernst and the SE.CS and WASP research groups at Computer Science & Engineering, University of Washington. Even earlier, I was a research and teaching assistant at the Chair of Programming Methodology, ETH Zurich, working on my doctoral thesis under the supervision of Prof. Peter Müller.

Research Interests

My research interests are in safe and productive software development. I combine theoretical results with practical tools so developers can create high-quality, trustworthy software and reduce the enormous impact of software defects. To achieve this goal, I combine my knowledge of programming languages and software engineering with the verification, security, and systems expertise of my collaborators.

I gratefully received a Fall 2015 Google Research Award and financial support from Amazon Web Services.

I’m a JavaOne Rockstar speaker.

Previous projects

Prospective students

I’m looking for great students to grow my group!

If you’re already in Waterloo, contact me. Otherwise, follow the instructions given with the links above.

Upcoming talks

Recent talks


  • Daniel Caccamo (MASc), since September 2016

  • Charles Zhuo Chen (MASc), since January 2016

  • Amanda Yuxin Jiang (URA student), Winter 2018

  • Jeff Luo (PhD), since June 2014

  • Mier Ta (MASc), since January 2016

  • Sadaf Tajik (MASc), since September 2017

  • Baorui Zhou (URI student), Winter 2018


Fall 2017:

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