This is the homepage of Werner M. Dietl. I am an assistant professor in Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Waterloo.

Previously, I worked with Prof. Michael D. Ernst and the SE.CS and WASP research groups at Computer Science & Engineering, University of Washington. Even earlier, I was a research and teaching assistant at the Chair of Programming Methodology, ETH Zurich, working on my doctoral thesis under the supervision of Prof. Peter Müller.

I started at uWaterloo in October 2013 and this website was recently rebuilt. Please do let me know if you notice any virtual dust.

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My research agenda is to provide developers with sound help in eliminating latent defects. I combine theoretical results with practical tools so developers can create high-quality, trustworthy software and reduce the enormous impact of software defects. To achieve this goal, I combine my knowledge of programming languages and software engineering with the verification, security, and systems expertise of my collaborators.