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“Key-Dependency for a Wavelet-Based Blind Watermarking Algorithm” by M. Brachtl, W. Dietl, and A. Uhl. In Multimedia and Security Workshop, (J. Dittmann and J. Fridrich, eds.), Sep. 2004, pp. 175-179.


When a host image is watermarked multiple times by the same algorithm collisions can occur. This makes it difficult for an image to host multiple watermarks. But this hosting is necessary for an image distribution chain, where several persons all watermark the same image. Wavelet domain transformations provide several possibilities to customize the transformation process. We discuss the applicability of the methods of wavelet filter parametrization and wavelet packet decomposition for secret watermark embedding on the algorithm of Dugad et al. We conclude that filter parametrization is not suited while wavelet packet decomposition shows good results.

Keywords: wavelets, parametrization, selective encryption, AES, biorthogonal

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