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“Combining Runtime and Static Universe Type Inference” by Andreas Fürer. Mar. 2007. Master's thesis.


The Universe type system provides means to structure the heap memory. This structuring enables to reason about object structures. Annotating Java source code with Universe type modifiers can be a big effort for developers. To ease the manual annotating tasks, we use inference of Universe type modifiers. Preceding projects worked on two different inference approaches: runtime inference, where execution traces are used to create an extended object graph and infer types, and static inference, where a SAT solver is used to find correct modifiers. In this thesis, we work on combining the two approaches and enhancing the tools. We use the runtime inference to define a weight scheme that is respected by the static inference. In such a way we can use the strengths of both inference approaches. We implemented the tools in the Eclipse IDE and improved the usability of the Universe tools. The tools are integrated as a set of plug-ins which enable intuitive configuration and interaction with the inferer. Type modifiers can directly be added to the source code. We also worked on the graphical visualization of Universe structures.

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