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Projects at the University of Waterloo

Complexity Analysis of Tunable Static Inference For Generic Universe Types (2015)
Gradual Pluggable Typing in Java (2016)
Checker Framework Performance Profiling (2016)
Pluggable Type Systems (2016)
Checker Framework Inference Improvements (2016)
Checker Framework IntelliJ Integration (2016)
Checker Framework Java~9 Update (2016)
Checker Framework NetBeans Integration (2016)
Checker Framework Performance Improvements (2016)
Checker Framework Rise4Fun Integration (2016)
Investigate a new Pluggable Type System (2016)
A General Pluggable Type Inference Framework and its use for Data-flow Analysis (2017)
Benchmark infrastructure and Web Interface (2017)
Checker Framework Live Demo Improvements (2017)
Control Flow Graph Enhancements (2017)
Checker Framework IDE Integration (2017)
Checker Framework VSCode Integration (2018)
Context Sensitive Typechecking And Inference: Ownership And Immutability (2018)
Pluggable Properties for Program Understanding: Ontic Type Checking and Inference (2018)
Pluggable Type Systems (2018)
Checker Framework Java 9 support (2018)
Checker Framework LSP Integration (2018)
Checker Framework Atom Integration (2018)
Checker Framework Inference Web Demo (2018)
Gauss-Jordan Constraint Solver (2018)
GoA — Actors with Locally Managed Memory for Go (2018)
Pluggable Type System Formalizations (2019)
Android Support Annotations (2019)
Checker Framework Eclipse Integration (2019)
Checker Framework LSP Server (2019)
Performance of Static Analysis Systems (2019)
Pluggable Type Systems (2019)
Checker Framework Eclipse Integration (2020)
Checker Framework Live Demo Website Improvements (2020)
Correct Usage of Cryptographic APIs (2020)
Property Type Systems (2020)
Checker Framework IDE Integration (2020)
Improving Viewpoint Adaptation Test Coverage (2020)
General Tainting Checker (2020)
Type Checking and Whole-program Inference for Value Range Analysis (2020)
Least-Privilege Identity-Based Policies for Lambda Functions in Amazon Web Services (AWS) (2020)
Light-weight verification of cryptographic API usage (2020)
Type Inference Benchmarks (2020)
Object Capability Systems (TBD) (2021)
An Immutability Type System for Classes and Objects: Improvements, Experiments, and Comparisons (2021)
Live Demo Website Improvements (2021)
Type Inference Live Demo Website (2021)
Benchmarking and Improving Value Inference (2021)
VSCode Annotated Type Visualization (2021)
Interval Type Inference: Improvements and Evaluations (2021)
Multi-release JAR files for compiler plug-ins (2021)
Preprocessing for multi-release JAR files (2022)
Project documentation and improvements (2022)
Project documentation and improvements (2022)
Test case generation tool (2022)
Website generation tool (2022)
Build support for multiple Java versions (2022)
OppropBERT: An Extensible Graph Neural Network and BERT-style Reinforcement Learning-based Type Inference System (2022)
Type systems for Program Verification (2022)
Upgraded Live Demo Website (2022)
Pluggable Type Systems (TBD) (2023)
Automatically generating a website from GitHub releases (2023)
Interactive CFG visualization (2023)
JSpecify nullness specification and checker (2023)
Static Verification of 5G-AKA (2023)
UniFlow: A CFG-Based Framework for Pluggable Type Checking and Type Inference (2023)
Improved Abstractions for Deductive Proofs (2023)
Optional type systems for database queries (2023)
A Lightweight Type System with Uniqueness and Typestates for the Java Cryptography API (2023)
Context-Sensitive Optional Type Systems Meet Generics: A Uniform Treatment and Formalization (2023)
Improved nullness analysis in the ECF language server (2023)
Integrate type system knowledge into the ECF language server (2023)
Avoiding bytecode storage for optional type systems (2024)
Basic support for SARIF file format (2024)
Build system integration improvements (2024)
JSpecify conformance tests for the EISOP Nullness Checker (2024)
Design and Implementation of a Type System for Enhanced Mathematical Operations in Rings (2024)
JSpecify Conformance Test Improvements (2024)
Nullness Checker Test Suite Improvements (2024)

Projects at the University of Washington

Dataflow support for the Checker Framework (2010)
Evaluating Practical Non-Null Type Systems for Java (2011)
Fake enumerations and nullness type checker case study on the OpenJDK javac (2012)
Verification games: website integration (2013)
Fake enumerations and regular expression type checker case studies and extensions; verification games: annotation and cast handling (2013)
Interning type checker case studies; verification games: KeyFor integration; testing framework (2013)
Improved dataflow analysis for the Checker Framework (2013)
Qualifier polymorphic type systems (2013)
String format type system (2013)
Units-of-Measurement type system (2013)
SPARTA: case studies and extensions (2013)
Verification games: extended type systems; game generation (2013)
Verification games: graph description and layout; game generation (2013)

Master's Projects at ETH Zurich

Applying the Universe Type System to an Industrial Application (2005)
Runtime Universe Type Inference (2005)
Static Universe Type Inference (2005)
Ownership in Design Patterns (2006)
Practical Runtime Universe Type Inference (2006)
Static Universe Type Inference using a SAT-Solver (2006)
Combining Runtime and Static Universe Type Inference (2007)
An Isabelle Formalization of the Universe Type System (2007)
Universe Type System for Scala (2007)
Generic Universe Types in JML (2007)
Runtime Support for Generics and Transfer in Universe Types (2007)
Implementing a Universe Type Checker in Scala (2008)

Semester Projects at ETH Zurich

Static Fields in the Universe Type System (2004)
Testcases for the Universe type system compiler (2004)
Dynamic Typechecking in the Universe Type System (2004)
Bytecode support for the Universe type system and compiler (2005)
Implementation of a Universe type checker in ESC/Java2 (2005)
Implementing Purity and Side Effect Analysis for Java Programs (2006)
Interaction with Ownership Graphs (2006)
Integration of Universe Type System Tools into Eclipse (2006)
MultiJava, JML, and Generics (2006)
Universe Type System for Eiffel (2006)
Testing Tool for Compilers (2007)
Visualizer for Universe Type Inference Information (2007)
A Universe Type Checker using JSR308 (2008)

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