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“Runtime Support for Generics and Transfer in Universe Types” by Mathias Ottiger. Aug. 2007. Master's thesis, co-supervised with A. Rudich.


The Universe type system allows a programmer to control aliasing and dependencies in object-oriented programs by applying an ownership relation to structure the object store. In previous projects the Universe type system was extended by static checks for Uniqueness and ownership transfer and for generic types in the Universe Type System. The main part of this master project is to design and implement the runtime support for Uniqueness (and ownership transfer) and for generic types. From Java 5 generic types are introduced. Java does not store the runtime type of the type arguments. But the Universe type system needs this information for its runtime model. Based on GUT which defines the runtime model for generic types in the Universe type system the current runtime implementation in the MultiJava compiler is now extended by an implementation for this runtime model. The runtime support for Uniqueness is an extension of the basic Universe runtime implementation to fulfill the requirements of Uniqueness and ownership transfer.

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