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“Bytecode support for the Universe type system and compiler” by Alex Suzuki. Mar. 2005. Semester project.


The goal of this semester project is to extend the MultiJava compiler to emit extensions used in the Universe type system into the generated Java class file. This involves finding a suitable binary representation for the extensions, and a means of storage which does not conflict with the Java class file format. This document presents a binary encoding of the Universe modifiers, and two possible approaches to their storage in the class file. Chapter 1 serves as an introduction to the problem of aliasing in object-oriented programming and gives a short introduction to the Universe type system. Chapter 2 gives an overview of the Java class file format and a quick introduction to the new J2SE 5.0 annotation facility. Chapter 3 provides a detailed look at our two implementation approaches, while chapter 4 provides an example. Chapter 5 describes the changes and extensions made to the MultiJava compiler. Chapter 6 then presents conclusions and possibilities for future work.

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