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“Dynamic Typechecking in the Universe Type System” by Daniel Schregenberger. Oct. 2004. Semester project.


The goal of this semester project is to design and implement runtime checks for the Universe type system. This involves the design of a method to store the ownership relation at runtime, the implementation in the Universe Compiler, the generation of the bytecode for the runtime tests and the creation of testcases for the dynamic checks. Chapter 1 explains the motivation for this semester project by giving a short introduction to the Universe type system and then discussing the runtime tests in Java and Universe Java. Possible approaches for data structures are discussed in chapter 2. Chapter 3 provides a description of the runtime tests in terms of sourcecode transformations. The actual implementation is then described in chapter 4. Finally chapter 4.4 describes the test cases that have been developed to ensure the functionality of the dynamic checks and in chapter 5 the solution is discussed and analyzed.

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