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“Testing Tool for Compilers” by Dominique Schneider. Mar. 2007. Semester project.


This paper describes the specification and implementation of a management tool for black box compiler testing called Triops. Triops itself is implemented in Java and intended to be used for Java compilers. Triops is a enhancement of the current used test procedure for the MultiJava compiler. This implementation is based on Makefiles which handle the testcase selection, the invocation of the compiler with the testcase and finally the comparison of the output data. Besides some redundant code in the Makefiles this implementation is coupled very closely to the MultiJava compiler and doesn't allow simple reuse of testcases for other compilers. Furthermore the editing of the Makefiles which are distributed over several folders is a cumbersome and error-prone task. This paper presents a solution which allows the reuse of testcases for multiple compilers and the administration of the corresponding output data. It clearly separates the testcases from the configuration data and the involved external applications (i.e. compilers) which improves maintenance and understandability. As a side-effect of this clear separation it gets very simple to extend Triops with new ways how generated testcase output could be compared against the expected outcome. As a case study the current existing Universe Type System testcases of MultiJava will be ported to Triops.

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