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“Implementing a Universe Type Checker in Scala” by Manfred Stock. Jan. 2008. Master's thesis.


The Universe type system is based on the concept of ownership where every object has at most one owner object. It structures the object store using different contexts, which are sets of objects with the same owner, and restricts how references can be passed and used. When enforcing the owner-as-modifier property, the Universe type system guarantees that any modification of an object can only be initiated by its owner object.

Scala is a multi-paradigm programming language combining features of object-oriented and functional languages. It supports compiler plugins and annotations on types which allows the implementation of additional type constraints such as those imposed by the Universe type system.

This thesis presents an implementation of the Universe type system for Scala. The implementation supports a subset of the Scala language. It provides two compiler plugins for the Scala compiler and a set of annotations for the use in programs. One plugin performs the static Universe type checks and the other plugin inserts additional runtime checks during compilation.

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