On-line Tutorials

These on-line tutorials are provided for students.

Required Tutorials

Three on-line tutorials are required reading for ECE 250.

The Unix tutorial introduces the ECE Unix environment.

SSH Secure Shell Client
Shows how to copy files from Windows to UNIX and back.

The UML tutorial introduces the Unified Modeling Language used to describe (in our case) the structure of classes. Part of this should be a review from ECE 150.

Optional Tutorials

The balance of the on-line tutorials are available for student interest.

The STL tutorial introduces the Standard Template Library, a collection of classes which may be used to store objects in C++. This will be most useful for those doing Co-op Work Terms with C++.
For those students who need to know the difference between C++ and Jave (for interviews). It introduces the Java equivalent of the STL.
Object Files, Make, Libraries
An introduction to object files, make files, and both statically- and dynamically-linked library in C++. For those interested in learning more about how C and C++ work.
Design Patterns
In ECE 250, we discuss data structures and algorithms. The next step are design patterns: problems which appear often in software engineering which have been analyzed and for which standard (and often enlightening) solutions exist.
Maple is a powerful tool to help engineers use mathematics. It is not difficult to learn if you are simply using it as a tool to do some basic modeling and problem solving.