Current Graduate Students

Name Degree Topic Co-supervisor
Shaundell Dubay Ph.D. Human Robot Interaction in an Industrial Setting Prof. William Melek
Alex Lovi Ph.D. Multiple Model Adaptive Control Prof. Baris Fidan
Ben Zhang M.A.Sc. Fault Tolerant Localization for High Performance Applications Prof. Derek Rayside

Former Graduate Students

Name Degree Thesis Last Known Position
Jean-Luc Bastarache M.A.Sc. On Legible and Predictable Robot Navigation in Multi-Agent Environments
Rollen D'Souza Ph.D. Algorithmic Transverse Feedback Linearization M.D.A. Ltd.
Yi Feng WangM.A.Sc.A Pursuit Evasion Game Approach to Obstacle Avoidance . Embedded software engineer, Ciena
Hassaan QaziM.A.Sc.Adaptive Path Adaptive Control of a First-Order System Providing Linear-Like Behaviour and Asymptotic Tracking . Ph.D. candidate, U. of Waterloo
Orlando Barrera PerezM.A.Sc.Adaptive Path Following for an Underactuated Nonholonomic Mobile Manipulator. Application developer, DarwinAI
Philip McCarthyPh.D.Sampled-Data Control of Invariant Systems on Exponential Lie Groups.Emissions Technology Engineer, Safety Power Inc.
Joel SimardM.A.Sc.Periodic Nonlinear Adaptive Control of Rapidly Time-Varying Linear Systems.Ph.D. candidate, Imperial College U.K.
Maxwell SteinfeldM.A.Sc.Path Following and Output Synchronization of Homogeneous Linear Time-Invariant Systems.Mechatronics Engineer, A.U.G. Signals Ltd.
Alireza Doosthoseini Ph.D.Coordinated path following: A nested invariant sets approach.Assistant professor, Mechatronics Group, K.N. Toosi University of Technology
Rajan GillM.A.Sc.Robust Spline Path Following for Redundant Mechanical Systems.GNC Engineer, Zipline
Eugene LiM.A.Sc.Stabilization of polytopes for fully actuated Euler-Lagrange systems.Mechatronics engineer, MME Department, University of Waterloo
Mohamed Al LawatiM.A.Sc. Gait shape control for 2-D.O.F bipedal robots using hybrid virtual holonomic constraints.Ph.D. candidate, University of Alberta
Philip McCarthyM.A.Sc. Cardinality constrained robust optimization applied to a class of interval observers.
Yuqian LiM.A.Sc. Synchronized closed-path following for a mobile robot and an Euler-Lagrange system.China Aviation Industry Corporation Luoyang Institute of Electro-Optical Devices
Mikhail KoldychevM.A.Sc. Observers on linear Lie groups with linear estimation error dynamics.Engineering Technical Lead, Cisco Systems Canada
Adeel AkhtarM.A.Sc. Dynamic path following controllers for planar mobile robots.Post-doctoral researcher, Univ. of California, Santa Cruz
Andre HladioM.A.Sc. Path following for mechanical systems applied to robotic manipulators.C.T.O., Intellijoint Surgical

Post-Doctoral Researchers

Name Topic Year
Ali Mahdipour Shirayeh Exterior differential systems and feedback linearization 2013
John Daly Transverse feedback linearization of LTI systems 2010

International Visiting Graduate Students

Name Topic Home Institution Year
Bas van de Rijt Synchronized path following for non-minimum phase systems Eindhoven University of Technology 2022
Robbert Louwers Piecewise-Linear Planners for a Unicycle with Transverse Feedback Linearization based Path Following Eindhoven University of Technology 2019
Gildeberto Cardoso Path planning and set stabilization based path following Universidade Federal da Bahia 2017

Undergraduate Research Students

Name Program Year
Emrys Halbertsma PHYS 437: Project 2022
Niel Mistry Undergraduate research assistant (part-time) 2022
Zachary Bortoff Undergraduate research assistant (part-time) 2021 (W, S)
Loïc James Azzalini Undergraduate research assistant (part-time) 2019
Yaning Tan Undergraduate research assistant (part-time) 2017
Rollen D'Souza SE 499: Project 2017
Robert Baker ECE 499: Project 2014
Raian Bolonha Castilho Spinelli Canada-Brazil CsF Program 2014
Stanislav Bochkarev N.S.E.R.C. Undergraduate Student Research Award 2013, 2014
Bill W. Zhao Undergraduate research assistant (part-time) 2013
Farhan Khan N.S.E.R.C. Undergraduate Student Research Award 2011
Mikhail Koldychev N.S.E.R.C. Undergraduate Student Research Award 2010
Ayush Gupta Undergraduate research assistant (part-time) 2010
Rohit Sinha Undergraduate research assistant (part-time) 2010
Eike Rehder GENE 502: Directed Studies for Visiting Exchange Students 2010